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partial page issue

By Jaqui ·
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at 12:24 a.m. pacific time sunday, dec. 25.

there's the data, check the logs.

maybe you can finger out where it's coming from.

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Got to be a better way to report problems.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to partial page issue

This posting a new discussion and hoping someone sees it is a pretty lousy way to report problems. C'mon TR, institute a way for members to report problems. How about a big fat link at the top instead of that "Hot Discussions" toolbar nobody asked for?

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true enough

by Jaqui In reply to Got to be a better way to ...

but when someone does notice and post to it, then it pops up in the discussions with recent activity, so it's more likely to be noticed.

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when you say partial page,

by debuggist Staff In reply to partial page issue

are you saying there is something wrong with part of the page, or only part of the page is displayed? If the former, which part? If the latter, which part is displayed or not displayed (whichever is easier to describe)?

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It stops

by jdclyde In reply to when you say partial page ...

just after the title usually.

It seems to be after sitting waiting on and doubleclick.

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for me, it stops

by Jaqui In reply to It stops

most often just after the thread title when moving to a different post in the discussion. everything below the discussion title is not displayed.

the image is a screeshot of what is displayed for me.

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by debuggist Staff In reply to for me, it stops

The more detail you can give the more helpful, so thanks for your posts. If you think of anything else, just post it on this thread. I'll see it, since I'm subscribed to it.

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by Jaqui In reply to Thanks

I've been getting the same thing while trying to read both the happy new years thread, and the That's it, I have officially had it up to my neck thread.

happy new year:

that's it, I have officially had it up to my neck:

both between 8 am pacific time and 8:15 pacific time.

when trying to read the last few posts in both threads.

ps: I updated the screenshot image to one of the screens, instead of the cut and delete from a normal to what I beleived to be the correct spot..I was pretty accurate. :)

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