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PC Bug Doctor NOT FREE!

By fadbel ·
The May 5, 2005 newsletter had a link to PC Bug Doctor and implied (as did the link site) that it was FREE!
What a mis-statement.
Downloaded, run, found close to 5,000 collective errors and when I selected FIX, it came up with an "Unlock Key" request.
Selecting "Get the Key" and I find the cost of the key (the cheapest one) is $39.99!
FREE???? I don't think so.
This is not something that should appear in our newsletter without the FULL facts.

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Only the scan is free!

by deepsand In reply to PC Bug Doctor NOT FREE!

While there are sites touting it as shareware, the download is actually crippled trial-ware.

ZD lists it as "free to try; $39.99 to buy."

My advice is to save your money.

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Add'l info on PC Bug Dr

by fadbel In reply to Only the scan is free!

I see you've run into this as well.
One other fact about the program is, although it found about 5,000 "errors" in my system, there wasn't any way that I could find to determine what all of these errors are (no log that I could find) before I select "Fix It". Somewhat dangerous.
I had to send out a "recall" to my DL informing them of this and apologizing for my blunder (sending them a recommendation for the pgm).

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"Errors" quite possibly in Registry.

by deepsand In reply to Add'l info on PC Bug Dr

A tremendous number of Registry entries become "invalid" through normal use.

It's not that they are "bad," merely that they are no longer current, with the result that they cause the Registry hive to become larger & more fragmented.

There are a number of freeware/shareware/trialware Registry cleaners which will help in this regard.

I generally use the trial version of Registry First Aid. It's a bit cumbersome cleaning up a long neglected Registry, owing to the limit the trial version places on the number of entries that can be fixed on a single pass; but, it is quite effective, easy to use, and gives you more control as to the disposition of problematic entries than do others that I've tried.

If you wish to try it, you can download it from

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Thanks for your input on PC Bug DR.

by fadbel In reply to "Errors" quite possibly i ...

Yeah, I was aware of that. I am already using Reg 1st-Aid but the gist of my message here was that the newsletter published the link to PC Bug Doctor as FREE! You only find out that NONE OF IT IS FREE except downloading and running the pgm. When you try to act on what it finds is when you have to pay before "fixing". TechRepublic should indicate that in the info about programs like this.
Bunch of time wasted!

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You may wish to advise them of such.

by deepsand In reply to Thanks for your input on ...

You can send a private message to Smorty; his alias here is "sMoRtY71."

If possible, try to identify the specific newsletter & issue date.

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by dave9244 In reply to Thanks for your input on ...

I had the same I gave them a bunch of Australian words telling them exactly what I thought of their selling practises.

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