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PC Inventory software?

By MC_User ·
I've taken on the job of going through a pile of used PC's donated to the local Girl Scouts by a local company.

I need to sort out what's been donated.

Does anyone know of a software program that I could use to do a quick internal inventory? Perhaps something that can run from a DOS diskette and give me the ammount of memory, hard disk size, number of IO ports, CPU type and speed. That sort of thing.

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Easy enough

by mike_guizzetti In reply to PC Inventory software?

why don't you just turn the computer on and look?

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Norton Utilities 8 for DOS

by rzan In reply to Easy enough

If you can still find a copy

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This is the Best

by radiic In reply to Norton Utilities 8 for DO ...

I found a comapny called Blue Ocean Software out of Tampa Fl. that has a program called TrackIT. For $495 You can use it on a network or even with a diskete and then dump the info into a database and run reports on it. Its AMAZING the detail it pulls from the pc.

Try it out. You will Love it. I guarentee.

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Thank's ,but no

by MC_User In reply to This is the Best

Much to expensive. I was looking for a simple utility, not an inventory system.

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by MC_User In reply to Easy enough

The PC's that were donated did not have any OS's installed on them.

The hard disk's weren't even formatted.

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All done

by MC_User In reply to PC Inventory software?

The inventory is completed. IT only took twice as long as I expected it to.

The PC's were old 166 Mhz Pentium's with no CD ROM drives, no operating systems and various ammounts of memory installed.

My friends and I built some DOS boot
diskettes and then formatted the hard disks.
The boot disk let us get the ammount of memory and after the format we got the HD size.

When this was done we opened up some of the PC's and physicaly read the CPU type. We also found out how many RAM slots were available.

We made recommendations on what OS could be installed. What PC's should be thrown away and what should be salvaged to be given to other PC's.

Still it would have been neat to see some software on a diskette that would have given us this information quickly. We could have not wasted any time making that PC bootable.

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by IT Tech In reply to PC Inventory software?

Run MSD for dos prompt, or use boot disk insure msd in on disk. Will give ya the info ya need.

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by MC_User In reply to MSD

I forgot all about that utility. Thanks!

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by IT Tech In reply to Doh!

Don't worry we all have a glitch once in awhile, glad I gave ya info for future use. Have a good day.

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