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    PC Repair Shop


    by mpchc ·

    Apologizes up front, new to all of this. I am in search of guidelines that will provide the basics of what one requires to run a PC Repair Shop. This is inclusive of all phases of in shop repairs and troubleshooting. Any ideas or information to direction will be MASSIVELY appreciated.


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      Firstly before you even start on the shop side of things

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      You will have to look into your local laws regarding Public Liability Insurance. While this may not sound at all important it is imperative if you are considering opening any business. Also make sure that the insurance that you get not only covers you in the shop but while you are out on site for any damage that you may unintentionally do. This doesn’t mean you beating up an end user for doing something wrong but accidents do happen and you don’t want to be held libel for these when they happen.

      After you have the insurance angle worked out and that will involve firstly knowing where you will be working from so you will either need a lease on a shop or be working from home, you will have to decide what part of the market you want to target. If it is the business end you will need staff who will also need insurance coverage and some form of work cover and whatever else is required in the area you live.

      If you are only looking at the “Home” computer end of the market you may be able to get by with only one part time staff member to work the shop while you are out getting supplies or whatever.

      You will also have to talk to an accountant and come up with a way to keep your business figures generally this involves running the same accounting package as the accountant so all you need do is just submit your data to the accountant and they do the rest.

      After you have done the above you will then need to do your homework and find out what others are charging in your area and if you can compete with them in other words a Business Plan what you can spend on advertising, how best to spend it.

      Then if things look good on paper you can then approach your financial institution for the money to start the business and you’ll need a well laid out Business Plan with costings down to the last cent as well as projected income. Also you will need to show that you will have the ability to not only repay the loan, be able to pay tax, pay staff and also make decent profit for yourself.

      Of course what is required within the shop will be directed by what part of the market you are attempting to cater to so that as well will need to be laid out in your Business Plan along with costings for shop fittings, point of sale advertising and spare parts/tools and the like.

      I hope that gives you a starting point.


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        Got It !!

        by mpchc ·

        In reply to Firstly before you even start on the shop side of things

        Thank you. Insurance taken care of, business plan in place. Now on to the equipment we will need to purchase to repair home computers as well as install home and business networks. Any suggestions.

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      Basics of workshop

      by hughiemcginley ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Good staff at least 3 x two tier work benches .
      Good lighting
      good tools Phone/ s fast internet access.
      two pc/s u can use as testing machines. one up to date with antivirus etc.
      a good fan to keep the rooom cools and a kettle to make coffee and tea
      good luck

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        Workshop basics

        by mpchc ·

        In reply to Basics of workshop

        Thank you Hugh. May I ask for a suggestion on a 3×2 tier work bench. We have ample room and the lighting is great. Coffeepot was the first thing on the list. Also, what type of tools would you suggest for home repairs.

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      Check your market

      by thechas ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Beyond insurance, in the US, you need to have sales tax licenses for your state, county and city.
      Make sure that you properly collect and submit sales tax paperwork and receipts to the proper government authorities.
      Most states are VERY diligent and relentless in tracking down lost sales tax revenue.

      Make sure that you are properly filing quarterly tax paperwork with state and federal offices too.

      Check for competition, and what they charge for services that you plan to offer.
      Honestly determine if you can make money at the prices they charge.

      In the US, the number one reason that small businesses go out of business is that they do not understand their market and do not plan enough of a line of credit (or cash) to run for the first 3 years.

      After looking into the legal aspects of starting a small business, create a business plan and budget.
      Assume that you will need to pay all of your personal bills and living expenses for the first 3 years that you are in business from savings or income other than the business.

      Next comes getting a source of parts and supplies at wholesale. You need a supplier that can deliver parts quickly so that you don’t need to keep too much inventory on hand.
      PC parts depreciate faster than day old bread.

      Of course, you need a good set of PC skills. Both hardware and software.

      Informal “networking” can be critical to your success. If you have a large social circle, it is much easier to get the word out that there is a new place to get PC repairs done right.

      Not to be negative, but in the US, I see PC repair going the way of appliance repair. PCs have become cheap and basically a commodity item. Many people replace a dead PC rather than repairing it.

      To be successful, you will need to find a niche,
      Data recovery
      Data transfer
      Home network setup
      PC security
      are all market segments that have good potential for growth.


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        Chas stole my thunder…

        by tomsal ·

        In reply to Check your market

        In the US, I fully agree with him regarding the fact that the trend seems to be PC repair isn’t as critical to home users as it once was. Sure there are some folks who’ll need help and be happy to pay for courteous, professional service at their doorstep.

        Some things to consider:

        1) You have HUGE national chains that offer PC repair services (ie. Best Buy)…they cover about the entire US. Its just downright difficult to compete with the HUGE chain operations with seemingly endless budgets and you are a small startup operations on a thin budget.

        2) Like Chas said, PC prices are dropping so low on cheap PCs..that come with warranties and 6 mos. of free Internet…folks just go “ok I’ll just buy a new PC for $500”.

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      One little thing

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Thechas and Hal 9000 are right about protecting your new company. But I have done contracting by my self and with other company. You will be going into a home, with the persons permission. But two of the companys that I worked for are going to court because the person ether did not like the service or made up a complant. You can be going into a home of a person looking to cause problems, so I now keep a recorder and cam. in my tool case. I may be paranoid but that dose not mean that some one is not following me:) Oh the sound is great on your site but people with 56k modems will not like the wait.

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        Yes that is a really big problem

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to One little thing

        On one occasion I was greeted by a naked woman who complained I wasn’t who she was expecting.

        I just told her I’d call back latter and left.

        With any on site work you always run a risk and it is a good idea to be safe than sorry but no matter how much you protect yourself even if a complaint is made without taking into account all the time lost attending Lawyers and court it isn’t worth the effort, when you consider the potential problems.

        But it comes with the territory I suspose but safe guard your self as much as possible to minimize the risk of these things happening.


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      Marin PC Computer Repair Shop Owner willing to help

      by cgcomputersystems ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Hi, I own CG Computer systems. Our website is I have been in the business for over 20 years and am willing to answer any questions anyone might have opening a computer repair shop. you can visit our page and send me an email if you like.

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      A tool specially for Computer repair shop

      by johnq816 ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Computer Repair Shop Program

      Spotmau Technical Version- Specially Designed for Computer Repair Shop. KEY Benefits You Can Get:

      1.Make your repair work easy and efficient
      1)All-in-one solution in all computer problems worth $500USD, free getting now!
      2)Be used on unlimited computers
      2.Customized software for your repair shop
      1)Embed your repair shop name, logo, contact, service, etc, in our software
      2)A free advertising and promoting way for your repair shop: Leave your shop information on your customer computer after your repairing, display as the contact for computer services

      For more information, please contact, you also can visit for more product information

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      Trailblazer repair tracking software

      by jimbojetson ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      If you are looking for software to help you run your repair shop, then TrailBlazer could be the app for you. Its web based, and has lots of features to make your life easy. Find it here –, or the companies’ site – .

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      Computer Repair Home Shop

      by pctech214 ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      Hello Everyone,

      My name is Mike, and I am a college student who is wanting to open my own computer repair shop right from my own basement. I have been been in to a technical college and got my completers certificate for Cisco Networking, I have lots of computer hardware and software knowledge. It has always been my dream to have my own repair shop but it is hard to find the tools for my shop. You see I have the place for the shop it has been remodeled. As soon I can find the a good place to buy all my tools, my grandfather is getting them for me, but other then that I need to know what and how to get myself started. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU!!!!!!

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      Computer Repair Management

      by joey10291 ·

      In reply to PC Repair Shop

      I am glad I found this site, I was desperately looking and most of them were too complicated but I did find Repair Pro software, anyone try that? I found it here and absolutely love it for what I need to do.

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