pcanywhere setup

By rayhtan ·
I installed Pcanywhere 11 in the office and home with the office computer as host. I could not connect to the host from home. Open port check from says that that port 5631 and 5632 are not open. I have Dlink router and Zyxel Sp660 dsl modem from Embarg. I have port forwarded both 5631 and 5632 to static local Ip address. Still I could not connect from home. Ports are still closed. I have turned off windows firewall. I have uninstalled spywares. No luck. I need help.

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Static or dynamic

by tintoman In reply to pcanywhere setup

If you are trying to connect through broadband you will need to know the public IP address of your router in the office, in most cases that would a dynamic address which changes frequently. If that is the case you will also need to sign up with someone like DYNDNS and get a host name for your office connection, you will also need to set the dynamic DNS on your office router to update the IP address whenever it changes, if your router does not suppor this you can still do it by installing DNS updater on the office PC.
Also you need to make sure that PCAnywhere is running as a service on the office PC that is to say that it starts whenever windows is started, if necessary you can drag a shortcut to the .exe file into the startup folder.

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Also if ports really are still closed

by tintoman In reply to Static or dynamic

Then it would seem that you didn't properly save the router configuration and you have to do that again

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