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PDC drops TCP/IP at same time every day

By LabRaT ·
My PDC server (NT 4.0 with all SP) has just started dropping it's TCP/IP protocol everyday at 5:28pm. This just started about 2 weeks ago. No new apps or installations--it just started doing this. All servers and workstations loose connections to it and cannot see it on the network until it is restarted. The PDC cannot see any other systems on the network. It will not ping the other addresses (request timed out). All other resources on the network continue to function fine--the PDC just drops off the map. There are no events in any log at that time (or anytime) that point to possible cause. The PDC is only running Pervasive SQL and an inventory database. Could SQL cause this? (Nothing in their knowledgebase about such a problem). The PDC is running WINS service. I have swapped cables to other servers and moved it to a different router but it still happens at 5:28pm everyday. That points the problem to the server. Any suggestions? I don't even know where to start troubleshooting. I have considered removing the TCP/IP protocol and re-installing it. What do you think?

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by Gigelul In reply to PDC drops TCP/IP at same ...

I don't think that the TCP/IP protocol is your problem.
Stange is that this happening at the same hour every day.
What message/event do you have from client side when this happen?
Any scheduled task which run at 5:28PM?
Time logon restriction?

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by LabRaT In reply to

No error messages on the client side. The app just freezes and the mapped drive is no longer available. You can't ping the server. You can go to the server room and run the app at the server console like nothing has happened but the server cannot see any other system on the network. You restart the server and everything begins running again until the next day.

I have searched every server and client for *any* sheduled tasks but have not found anything. There are no time restrictions on any account or system. Any ideas?

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by LabRaT In reply to PDC drops TCP/IP at same ...

I just want to close out this question. The problem was in the WINS server IP settings. I forget what I changed but it got fixed. Thanks for everyone who considered this problem.

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by LabRaT In reply to PDC drops TCP/IP at same ...

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