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Peace deal: So what is the deal?

By onbliss ·
****Excerpt from VOA************
Pakistan has signed a landmark peace agreement with pro-Taleban militants near the Afghan border. The deal aims to end several years of often intense fighting inside Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal area.

Senior military commanders and local militant leaders exchanged hugs and congratulations after signing the agreement in Miranshah, the main town in the North Waziristan tribal area.

**********Excerpt from Dawn*********
History repeats itself but in Pakistan?s case, it perhaps repeats itself rather too often. And so the government and militants in the volatile North Waziristan tribal region have signed a peace agreement and quite understandably, Governor Ali Mohammad Jan Aurakzai, the chief architect of the accord, has hailed it as an unprecedented event.

Unprecedented it is. Like a pendulum, the government policy has swung from one extreme to another, from the use of brute military force to what appears to be total capitulation to militants. Never did the government try to intelligently combine the use of force with pursuit of dialogue

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Okay, I am beginning to scratch my head more furiously. What is happening? Only time will tell.

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I saw this coming

by mjd420nova In reply to Peace deal: So what is th ...

Last year after one of the many attempts on the life of the president of Pakistan, I knew we would have to go in there if we wanted to get Bin Laden. The Pakistani government refuses to allow US troops into the country to stop the back and forth travels of Taliban rebels that move back and forth to avoid the US troops in Afganistan. Now that government has basically said if they stopped attacking Pakistani troops the would leave them alone. The US neededs to do to Pakistan what we did with Afgaistan and end this once and for all. After all, wasn't it the Pakistani scientist that helped North Korea develop their nuclear program?? An Iran too. We need to nip this in the butt before it gets totally out of hand.

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Just complex

by onbliss In reply to I saw this coming

It is said that China helped Pakistan. Pakistan helped North Korea. Iran benefitted too.

Two more things:
1)It is well past the bud stage, it is a fruit that is just ripe enough, and might fall down and scatter its seeds even further.
2)Afghanistan is not sitting pretty now (probably never was).

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Lets go back even further,

by mjwx In reply to Just complex

Russia helped China, Lax US security helped Russia. Thus we all have the US to blame for our current nuclear dilemma.

Obviously this is just a hyperbole but it?s a good example of how this kind of blame game gets us exactly nowhere.

When you have a machine that works really well and you look after it, keep it well maintained it will keep working but if your machine breaks constantly should you replace it with the same model?
Of course not, you should innovate, create a new machine to perform the task.

This is how I see US foreign policy, the machine keeps breaking and the US keeps buying the exact same model.

I see new problems in the world but no new solutions.

Here's as solutions (sort of) we have a "sins of the father" problem in the Mid-East. The old men want war and the young men seem to have no choice but to fight. If someone was bombing the crap out of Utah (well maybe somewhere a bit better than Utah) would Americans everywhere feel compelled to sacrifice anything to defend it, **** I wouldn?t be suppressed to find Canadians there mounting a defence (plastic knives and forks). The same is true for all people and their homelands.

This is what?s going on in the Mid-East. The old know only hatred and the young know only war. It?s a cycle that we are doing nothing to help, the youth need to be separated or more to the point exist where they can separate themselves from the old hatreds, form the "sins of the fathers".

Orchestrating regime change is like playing Russian roulette with more than one chamber loaded (say 3 for arguments sake), and some people (a certain president) are dumb enough to play with an automatic pistol.

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by onbliss In reply to Lets go back even further ...

One can not forget the fact that U.S.S.R committed its own share of sins too. Infact they invaded Afghanistan in the first place.

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Every empire/superpower

by mjwx In reply to Soviets

does bad things. What makes some better than the others is that they will admit that they have done wrong.

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by onbliss In reply to Every empire/superpower

...Soviets accept theirs?

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