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By Choppit ·
What's going on with the peer directory?

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no idea,

by Jaqui In reply to Peer Directory

I've never even actually looked at it.

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Go on, take a quick look

by Choppit In reply to no idea,

Take a look. It appears that TR is converting users interests (entered freehand) into check boxes for querying the directory. Looks like its already gotten out of hand. Peer listing interests used to be entered against pre-defined subjects.

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You mean...

by house In reply to Go on, take a quick look

nobody else is interested in Smashing Pumkins B-Sides?

Well, I guess I'm in the wrong spot.

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Jeesh; talk about screwed-up priorities!

by deepsand In reply to You mean...

Are these guys getting paid for this?

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by house In reply to Jeesh; talk about screwed ...

I forgot to bring only my conservative and professional priorities to the table. My mistake.

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Da Pumpkin Gun

by BFilmFan In reply to You mean...

How can you tell which side is which after you shoot it off in one of those huge compressed air cannons?

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The inside

by deepsand In reply to Da Pumpkin Gun
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by Jaqui In reply to Go on, take a quick look

it's a method to find out who's interested in what.

why? after posting and reading the discussions that's pretty obvious isn't it?

without using the peer directory I'm sure almost everyone knows I'm big on linux/unix and programming.

just like I know dafe2 is big supporter of ms and, despite that insanity, actually knows what he's doing.
do I really need to go search for interestes?
nope. ( house is just nuts, and he wonders why not getting matches in the looking for b sides of the pumkins albms )

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Different strokes...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to ahh

I guess this one falls under the "different strokes for different folks" category. Some members actually expressed an interest in such a feature.

It is designed to allow people to find other people that have similar interests (or find new interests that they would like to add to their profile). It is also supposed to be a quick snapshot of what our community is interested in.

I agree that the page is getting out of hand now; however, we have a plan in place to limit this page to the Top 100 interests and technologies.

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How about...

by Choppit In reply to Different strokes...

When editing peer listings, going back to the original tick boxes with predefined technologies/subjects and keeping the free text entry for non IT/Business/Other interests.

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