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Peer Product Review accessibility

By apotheon ·
So, basically, some of us just won't be participating in the Peer Product Review, since one must have a Shockwave/Flash plugin for some of its functionality and some of us simply refuse to use Flash most of the time. I know of at least two others who, like me, won't be playing with this feature as long as it's dependent on Shockwave/Flash.

Is there any chance the SWF object could get replaced by something that maximizes usability instead of getting caught up in bell-and-whistle syndrome? A simple radio button (X)HTML form would suffice.

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well now

by Jaqui In reply to Peer Product Review acces ...

since I never saw a peer product review that I was interested in participating in, something about spamming the discussions with 40 of them in one day making it hard to even see them all, it's nice to know that they require tech I will not implement.

yet another "frayed edge" but this one in the lack of respect for standards rather than in the site function.

flash is not W3C compliant code.
it doesn't meet W3C recommendadtions in any fashion, it should not be used.

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Flash is good!

by jdclyde In reply to well now

I used it down at the park all the time!

"Sitting on a park bench --
eyeing little girls with bad intent."


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yeah . . .

by apotheon In reply to well now

Flash has its uses, though. It can be used effectively for generating content (if your content is animation/video), and I love the fact that it gets used for ads a lot (since I don't have Flash installed, and thus don't have to look at the ads), but it should never be used for site functionality.

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by Jaqui In reply to yeah . . .

to many sites are being written in flash, where if you don't have the plugin you can't see any content.

to those companies, I say, fine you obviously can't respect internet standards, why would anyone expect you to respect any other standard? your flash site says not to do business with you.

and the missing plugin sigil instead of an advertisement is an improvement.

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