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Peeved at Peer 2 peer "legislation"?

By Jessie ·
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April 24th thru 30th, 2005 -- 7 days where we will show the MPAA/RIAA how much money we are actually spending on their products, and how LITTLE peer to peer file sharing is hurting them.

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ya know...

by jck In reply to Peeved at Peer 2 peer "le ...

they never threw a fit when it was less public, i.e.- kids trading cassettes and CDs at school, mailing them, etc.

But, the internet somehow draws all this attention.

I hope the RIAA goes bankrupt...and their attorneys too.

God help Metallica or Billy Joel if they couldn't support one more drinking habit stint or ex-wife.

nuff said...two more cents spent...

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by Jessie In reply to ya know...

It's not Metallica or Billy Joel that are making or losing money because of p2p file sharing. It's the big record companies that take 99.99% of the profit from each sale that are saying it cuts into their sales, which it doesn't because most, if not all, of the people I know will download songs to find out what they like, then go BUY those albums... it's free advertising!

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I agree...

by jck In reply to Except...

but, they get Metallica, Billy Joel, James Taylor, be the front men for their crusade to make the executives wealthier.

Personally, I think it'd be funny to get the artists all together...have them not sign new deals...and about 20 of them start a label of their own together...and cut out the record companies...offer new acts better money...God knows if you got Billy Joel, Metallica, Elton John, Sting, et. al.'d have better then $200M to start up a company. And, who better to recruit new acts? You go into play for the execs...and you're playing for one of your favorite artists at the same time.

I am waiting for the day that the corporate attorneys, accountants and executives all get flushed...there will be clogs, but it will be worth it.

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There's a good thought.

by Jessie In reply to I agree...

I'd like to clog a few corporate attorneys, accountants and executives. Or maybe just take pictures of all of them in flapper dresses and wooden shoes... then blackmail them. :)

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I quit.

by PsiFiScout In reply to ya know...

When the RIAA started squaking, I just quit buying. The radio still works why not use it?

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by Jaqui In reply to Peeved at Peer 2 peer "le ...

and easy one.
I rarely buy any media anyway.
( nor do I download movies / songs )
I either have a tv running for sound or the radio going.

so not buying for the week means just living as usual.

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Public Libraries

by Computer Dude In reply to Peeved at Peer 2 peer "le ...

I'd like to see the RIAA shut down public libraries and throw the librarians in jail. People can rent movies and CD's and books for free with no royalties going to the publishers and artists. Same goes to Ebay, for that matter. Why is no one crying over the other legal ways to share copyrighted works?

Is there a difference?

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Royalties on resale

by jbaker In reply to Public Libraries

The RIAA is trying to address the EBay thing. They want royalties for items that are being resold, whether on EBay or at resale is not enought that theyu have already gotten paid they will want us to pay to play the music that we have already purchased...You can listen 100 times for your purchase price, then you have to license additional listens at a small fee, or you can buy a license pack to enable large quatities of listens....and heaven forbid you walk down the street singing or whistling a song that you have paid a "user interpretation" license fee.

It is a never-ending cycle, and a slippery slope we have begun to slide down.

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by jkaras In reply to Royalties on resale

The funny part is that these parasites who dont produce anything want their cut as if they had anything to do with the music? They didnt create the music, the art direction, yet its their property? I do get the whole it is really stealing thing, but then why isnt it stealing when you copy and paste your favorite jpeg of a comic strip, drawing, or photo and mass email it or post it on a webpage? Whoops I should have kept that to myself, now I ruined everything.

The whole reason P2P is so popular is because the consumer is tired of being duped purchasing an inferior product that is merchandised as quality. If the so called artist would make a great album, not filler or radio jingle songs people wouldnt go and download. I am not saying that it still wouldnt happen, but in a far less degree. I do laugh at the DVD writers and disk media sold to copy movies, but not officially, mind you, because we need to make backups of already purchased DVDs, duality and hypocracy is great entertainment.

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by jbaker In reply to Peeved at Peer 2 peer "le ...

I think it is funny that the RIAA is the large record companies.

Plus, the artists do not make their money from disk sales, they make it from live shows...disks are simply sold as a way to get the listener to come to the concerts (at least that is how the artists need to view it).

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