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Pension anyone?

By jkaras ·
After seeing the issue with United Airlines filing for chapter 11 and backing out of their commitment, their promise to their faithful employees by abolishing most of their pensions really has me thinking. Here is a major corporation that pays its upper crust quite well, whose pensions are quite protected even in this case but the employees pay the price? The big wigs amde the mistake of poor management over spending and crying a river that the pension will bankrupt them if they have to make good on it. This situation gives all airlines as well as other major corporations an easy opprotunity to erase debt and start anew at the employees cost. What is going to stop your major corporation from running itself into the dirt, then build it back up? We the people make commerce happen due to our diligence, our investment in our economy, and our trust that we do our part and will be rewarded in the long term than right away. To me this practice is bordering the definition of treason. They are stealing American's lives in their pursuit of happiness, wasnt anything learned from Enron? Oh yeah we got power and money so we can get away with anything we want. When will America stand up to this farce? Just to save a couple of jobs that they could screw the others again later? What happened to our rights, our trust, in a system that we fought for, shed blood for? If we dont stand up to this then I feel its game over, because it could be you in a couple of years who gets denied your pension unable to live. I am really ashamed at our country's lack of protection of its working class, the class that pumps the life blood into our country gets the shaft again. What do you think?

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