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Perhaps we can kill multiple birds with one stone?

By Mickster269 ·
In reading today's assortment of threads in our beloved Miscellaneous board, I see some threads that perhaps we can resolve at one time.

Tig2 is raising donations for a charity.
There is good natured threads about Calenders of various members.

People are inquiring about TechRepublic swag.

Now, I'm not sure if this is even feasable...

But what if someone created some Items that are related to this motely crew, and sold them at CafePress, and the profit went to Tig2's charity?

Ok, it was just a thought...

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my first thought... Nucular Stones.!.

by dawgit In reply to Perhaps we can kill multi ...

get 'em all.
oh, the posts :8}
it doesn't matter, they all end up the same, anyway, World Peace.!. (don't we hope)

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Give me a direction, Mickster...

by Tig2 In reply to Perhaps we can kill multi ...

And I will pursue it. Any idea of who at TR to engage?

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Here's a suggest start

by Mickster269 In reply to Give me a direction, Mick ...

Go to :

(that is, if you aren't aware of that site yet).

Now, who to approach at TR ? I have no clue, but I bet smorty would know where to point.

If TR doesn't officially sign off on it, I imagine you could make a design or phrase that would be marketable for this group.

(edited to add:)

Like, for most of the guys here, you could make a coffee mug with the inscription:

"Be vewy,vewy qwiet. I'm hunting liberals on TechRepublic".

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"Be vewy,vewy qwiet....."

by dawgit In reply to Here's a suggest start

that was good. ROF on that (spilled some coffee too, dang!) just charge Max a $ for every shot he takes at me, that will fill Tigers fund quick.

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How about GG

by jardinier In reply to Perhaps we can kill multi ...

auctioning off a photo of her DDs?

That would bring the money in and of course it is directly related to the cause. :)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to How about GG

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

My DD's have exclusive rights to viewing by ONE PERSON ONLY (apart from me!)

So that's a no to that one..........

Now then, a bra auction would be a different matter altogether.... hey, actresses and models do it.....why can't the girls here do it???

So, Jules, any other ideas???!!!


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I actually meant fully clothed

by jardinier In reply to [B]NOPE, NO CHANCE, NO, N ...

Yes, that is the truth.

So what's with all the drama? B-)

Gee ! I didn't even ask for a wet T-shirt version. :)

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GG, Dear one!

by Tig2 In reply to [B]NOPE, NO CHANCE, NO, N ...

First- I love the new avatar. Fabulous!

Second- if you are willing to toss a bra on the auction block, I cannot be far behind. Gentlemen- I promise it will be an older bra.

This should cause its own little storm...

P.S. to all this- Dawg should be the auctioneer. That ought to bring top dollar...

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hey, wait a minute!

by Mickster269 In reply to GG, Dear one!

This was MY idea...

I should be the one to auction off the bra's!

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Relax Mickster

by rob mekel In reply to hey, wait a minute!

It are the bra's. Not what used to be in them :0 :^0


edited for typo

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