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periodic complaint lineup for May, 2005

By apotheon ·
Is there anything being done about the fact that there's (apparently) no way to insert linebreaks into the "professional biography" in profiles? Has it been decided that the failure to allow any kind of text formatting at all is a feature rather than a bug?

The blogging is fantastic so far, by the way. I'm curious about why one cannot reply to comments, and why one cannot edit or delete one's own comments. The inability to edit comments is one of the major annoyances (for me) of LiveJournal, though at least LJ allows deletion of comments. Also, y'know, it might be nice to be able to delete and/or moderate others' comments to one's own blog, just to help keep the signal:noise ratio at somewhere near a maximum, but as things currently stand it looks like blogs are free-for-alls like the general discussions. I hope that doesn't come back to bite us.

Has any progress been made on the problem of invisible posts in discussion threads? I'm still occasionally seeing posts that I can read only if I follow a URL in a discussion subscription notice in email, because according to discussion threading on the site these posts don't exist, though often they reappear if someone replies to them (which, of course, doesn't happen very often if they're not visible). This is of course a mixed bag, because often such posts turn out to be crappy anyway, but by that measure we might as well disallow posting entirely. Heh. Hmm, maybe that's a good idea!


Anyhow, there's the beginning of a May complaint roundup. Let's see what comes out of the woodwork. While I'm at it, though, keep up the good work guys. Obviously, I wouldn't still be posting this stuff if I didn't like TR.

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Got some of your items fixed

by sMoRTy71 In reply to periodic complaint lineup ...

We have added the linebreaks to the bio field. We have also added in linebreaks in the blogs.

We have also enabled RSS feeds for everyone's blogs.

Next, we will work on the editing and deleting of comments.


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by apotheon In reply to Got some of your items fi ...

If the blogs get auto-linebreaks, then I should probably go make some edits there, since my hard-coded linebreaks are probably doubled up now.


Thanks, by the way.

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