Permissions on user profile folders

By sbowers ·
I am new to this company, and after troubleshooting a users computer I realized that she had access to all of the profile folders in our company.

I went back and looked at the permissions, and every user folder has the following permissions set:

Domain Admins - Full Control
Domain Users - Full Control
Administrators - Full Control

Now I realize that I could just go through each user folder and set permissions manually, but that wouldn't be very efficient.

How can I set it the easy way to just give Admins and the user access to the profile folders?


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go to the parent of the profiles folder

by acquarianblue In reply to Permissions on user profi ...

if you're taklking about 1 workstation then go to Documents and Settings folder. from there you can remove the domain users group from the list.

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Multiple Users

by sbowers In reply to go to the parent of the p ...

I know I could just remove the Domain Users group from the parent directory.

But after that I need to add the users permissions back to their own folder.

So that Bob Smith has full control of just the bsmith directory.

I'm looking for a way to give mass permissions to all the user folders, a way that can see the bsmith folder and know to give Bob Smith permission, then goto the tanderson folder and give permission to Tom Anderson.

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RE: Permissions on user profile folders

by Jacky Howe In reply to Permissions on user profi ...

This is how I change Permissions.
You will need 3 files.


xcacls %LOGONSERVER%\profiles$\%1 /T /G "Administrators":F %1:F <YES.TXT

call c:\chperm.bat user1
call c:\chperm.bat user2
call c:\chperm.bat user3

I normally copy these files to the root of the Server.

Just add the Users to UserPerm.bat as per example.

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