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By paulbelliard ·
What are some thoughts on Compatible Ink Cartridges for photo printers. They are cheaper than manufacture Ink Cartridges, but will they decrease the quality of the prints? Anybody have any experience with compatible Ink Cartridges?

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False Economy

by Choppit In reply to Photo Printers

I work for a company that, among other things repairs printers on behalf of a very well known manufacturer. Many people believe that manufacturers recommend their own consumables purely to maintain after sales revenue, however this view is not entirely founded (in the case of inks).

If you exclude printer faults caused by physical obstruction (paperclips, rubber bands etc), by far the biggest cause of printer failure/ poor print quality is the use of "compatible" inks/cartridges.

Users of compatible inks/cartridges tend to experience more frequent print quality problems and therefore carry out more head clean/purge operations which uses lots of ink. Many printers also have an internal counter which counts the number of purge cycles and renders the printer inoperable (as far as the user is concerned) after a preset number of cycles has been reached. The reason for this is to prevent the inks absorber(s) from becoming saturated and ink leaking from the casing. Print head replacement is commonly required on printers where compatible ink has been used and the printhead represents a large proportion of the printers new cost. (around 75% for low end printers and 25% for high end)

I always advise against the use of compatibles although I should add that there's no reason why a quality compatible cartridge can't give excellent results, they just tend to be low quality (and therefore cheaper to buy). A better and cheaper option IMO is to use a printing service for printing in quantity.

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by beatyjenyns In reply to Photo Printers

To print out a good photo you need a good printer and photo paper which it do not come cheap.
when you print a photo on a high quality photo paper your pics will really look great, i have tried out a sample of photo paper from and it prints beautiful on both the gloss and satin and is less than half the cost of OEM papers.
so order your FREE sample now.

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free photo paper

by photopapersinfo In reply to PHOTO PAPER

thanks beaty for providing the information of free photo paper samples at
i have just ordered that and A free course on digital photo printing also comes with the samples

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