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PICTURES OF IRAQ. (Warning: Not for Anti-Amercans or Anti war supporters)

By Garion11 ·
Pictures that the media doesn't show you. The REAL stories of Iraq.

Please copy and paste this link and feel free to comment. Thanks :).

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Your pictures. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to PICTURES OF IRAQ. (Warni ...

....are worth a thousand words.

Many thanks, and well done.

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Omg, no

by Garion11 In reply to This One Belongs on the C ...

They will NEVER publish that in TIME. My god, it might actually tell the TRUTH, or or *GASP!!!!* potray the military and the US involvement in Iraq in a positive light.

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I for one don't think that there was ever any doubt

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Omg, no

That the general work done by the Troops would be well received in some quarters even most but it is actions that speak louder than words. Under Saddam they had running water, Electricity some form of hospital system and affordable food even though it may not have been of a 5 star standard they at least didn't go hungry.

Now however with Iraq virtually in ruins with most of its infrastructure smashed this isn't the case. Granted that Insurgents have done a lot of damage far more than the COW ever did but it is results that these people want to see not promises.

Unless the main in fracture can be fixed and guarded to keep it running there will only be continued discontent which is in the fanatics best interests so a lot more will have to be done before the majority of people will start to feel safe again {I know it is a relative term} but right at the moment they just do not know where their next meal is coming from or if they will have water tomorrow. It is in conditions like this that are currently happening in Iraq that brings about the Fanatical actions that are killing Americans in droves and this can not be argued with as the death toll mounts daily.

Of course the actions of a few does a lot of harm particularly if these people are forced into confessing something that they haven't done as this is exactly what happened under Saddam Hussein. What has been missed here is the other side of the coin where there are just as many people unhappy with what they now consider as American Occupation {even though there are other countries involved it is the Americans who are seen as the enemy for some reason.}

While the pictures here show some of the good being done they fail to take into account the rest of the situation happening in Iraq. Also the old maxim is forgotten here "Bad News Sells Newspapers and improves Ratings" where as good news does nothing for the newspapers or networks.

If you can remember Vietnam there where similar pictures as well but look at what happened there! Unless a reliable in fracture and some security can be restored to Iraq almost immediately the problems will only continue to snowball out of control.

I asked this question some time ago and as yet have still not got an answer "When the COW rolled into Iraq and vanquished Saddam Hussein and the Bath Party they where seen as Liberators and welcome now they are being killed daily what exactly has happened to make the general population change their attitude to the American Troops?"

I welcome any answers as I'm confused as to exactly why there are more troops being killed and maimed now that what there where during the main hostilities.


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Geesh, Colin - where do you come up with this?

by maxwell edison In reply to I for one don't think tha ...

You said, "however with Iraq virtually in ruins with most of its infrastructure smashed..."

With all due respect, Colin, that's a bunch of rubbish. Every aspect of life in Iraq, including water, electricity, schools, hospitals, and on and on is BETTER than before the fall of Saddam.

There are only a few problem areas, while the rest of Iraq is being quietly made better than ever.

Here's an interesting quote:

"To say that Iraq is being rebuilt is not true. Iraq is being built. There was no infrastructure
before; we are doing it."

- Geraldo Rivera


Colin, you should really open your eyes and open your mind. You're much too smart to be duped into thinking only the worst.

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He get it ...

by Garion11 In reply to Geesh, Colin - where do y ...

...from his bitter, vile hatred of America and its power. I sincerely hope you don't live in this country cause if I ever see you or meet you I will punch you.

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Colin is really a decent guy

by maxwell edison In reply to He get it ...

But I think he wants to believe that things are going dismally in Iraq, so he only sees things that support what he wants to believe.

I would suggest that the good/bad in Iraq is about a 90/10, 85/15 ratio. However, the news is just the opposite.

(Don't "punch" Colin. Actually, I'd love to meet the chap from the land down under some day.)

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Yeah, I am getting sick and tired

by Garion11 In reply to Colin is really a decent ...

of all these people, who have never been down there, yet make all these stupid and ignorant claims about Iraq even after they see the evidence. Which in turn leads me to believe that they really don't give a damn about Iraq or anything, its just their vile hatred of US and its power. Sort of like why some people here hate Microsoft or the Yankees.

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Now come on there is a GOOD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Colin is really a decent ...

Reason to dislike Microsoft not because it is American though even that's doubtful now days as they develop so much software off shore. But the reason that all their software is failing to do what it is claimed to do is enough reason why so many people dislike Microsoft.

Now I'm a Microsoft "Certified Partner" so I guess that tels you something about me but even I got really "Peeved Off" last week when I attempted to set up a new client with a "Volume License" only to find out that first I would have to buy OEM product for all the computers that I was building then pay a Volume License Fee {so they are effectively getting paid twice for the same thing} then a yearly subscription for Software Assurance so I could clone the HDD's to save time instead of loading each computer individually. Now you have to admit that business practices like this tend to upset some people don't you?


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by maecuff In reply to He get it ...

I think your post is one of the reasons we sometimes look bad. "I don't like your views or your opinions..therefore, I am going to hurt you". What the ****??

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