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Ping Problem

By scampi01 ·
I am running 2 Windows 2000 Pro computers within our LAN. The first one is a laptop with ip (static) and the second one is a desktop, ip (dynamic). When I do a ping commmand from either workstation, I get 4 replies saying it was sent successfully. If I try to do a ping 5 minutes later, it comes back with all 4 packets failed. Yet both workstations are able to connect to the internet, run LAN Apps, and get email. If I do a reboot of the computers, I can ping again, but only for a short period before it bombs out again. I have reloaded NIC drivers and the TCP stack but that did not solve the problem. Any other ideas ? Thanks.

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Set the desktop to static

by admin In reply to Ping Problem

and see if it still does it or if the problem goes away. Then post back.

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by technowiz_wanabe In reply to Ping Problem

Sounds like a routing issue to me.
If you have a DSL router, try resetting it so it rebuilds it's route table. Also, if the router is acting as a DHCP server you may want to set both machines to dynamic so it doesn't assign the IP to another machine. It is best to avoid mixing static and dynamic IP's in a single environment. It is much easier to manage. Also check default gateway settings and subnet mask on both machines. You may want to set the default gateway to the router IP instead of getting it from your ISP to avoid packets from being routed out and back in when it is local traffic. To test to see if the packets are being routed to your ISP instead of staying on your lan, do a traceroute and see where the packets are going when youget a sucessful ping.

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by scampi01 In reply to

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your help. The problem has now been solved. It was an issue with the Policy that was set up on our Checkpoint SecuRemote Software. Once that was disabled, I was able to ping once again.

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You are Welcome!

by admin In reply to Fixed

Glad to hear you're up and running :)

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