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    pinging problem


    by kutty_div ·

    i connected all da systems in workgroup,but iam not able to ping a particular system but i can ping the remaining systems from that one.i can see that system in workgroup and i can get in to that system from the remaining.

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      by zombiebot ·

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      Are you running a firewall on the PC that you can’t ping? (If you are running XP SP2 then the windows firewall will be on by default after a fresh install)

      If so, try turning this off to see if that will allow you to ping it from other PCs.

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      Reply To: pinging problem

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to pinging problem

      sounds like Windows firewall is enabled. It will block ICMP requests (pings). You can either allow ICMP requests or disable the firewall to see if that is the solution.

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