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Pink Ribbon Part Deux

By Tig2 ·

I was asked to post pictures. After spending most of a week sorting through the 2 Gig of photos that my partner took and the 3 or 4 that I managed to take, I have finally gotten them posted and accessible. To view, go to

Incidentally, I'm the redhead...

Edited so that I don't look quite so moronic... Spell checker please!

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Cool update Tig

by jdclyde In reply to Pink Ribbon Part Deux

Thanks for all the updates.

Was there a total count of what was raised yet? Sorry if you posted it somewhere else and I missed it.


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The total announced

by Tig2 In reply to Cool update Tig

At closing ceremonies was $6.3 Million. They will continue to count for 30 days after the walk so that people who did a delayed self donation can continue to raise $$$. It is to note that my team raised all their required money before the walk and that we were the top fundraisers for 2006- $160,000+.

My first and second fundraisers for 2007 are scheduled- Sep 28 for the first and Oct 7 for the second. Sometime in Oct or Nov I will be able to post my 2007 website.

Now that I know I can walk it and what the challenges are, I am hoping that next year I will be able to avoid the shin splints that threatened to take me out this year.

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Stadium walk

by jdclyde In reply to The total announced

Go to your local college or high school and walk up and down the stairs on the bleachers will help with that.

Another trick we did when I ran cross country (Vally Champs 1994) was to go to an overpass. Run (in your case walk) up one side, run along the top, down the other side, go under the overpass and back up the other side. Gets you used to going up and down hills. We would run TO the overpass, do laps like this for a bit, and then run back home for the "cool down".

How are the ears doing? Did you find anything good to help with them?

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Liquid Bandage

by Tig2 In reply to Stadium walk

And they are healing nicely. I will have to remember that for next year. I generally do not burn (note the tan) but my ears don't get a lot of exposure generally.

I had wondered if stair climbing would help. I know I need to add something to training next year. Partner's mom is an ex nurse and was also a massage therapist. She is going to teach us the pressure points and how to tape for support. That will help- too many walkers and not enough Sports Med people. It will be easier if I can do it myself.

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Just remember to start light

by jdclyde In reply to Liquid Bandage

there is a BIG differnce between walking up and down and walking along a flat surface, as you found out.

For Cross Country, it is running through woods, up and down hills, and all kinds of goodies.

Did you learn anything about the gear you used? What you liked and what you didn't like? What you can go without next year, and what should be upgraded?

Make that list, check it twice! Santa comes in just a few months ya know!

Did you end up staying with the apple juice/water mix for the event? Water? Gatorade? What did you actually carry with you?

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Had to think that one through

by Tig2 In reply to Just remember to start li ...

I think that I will try to find a different pack. I switched just before the walk and while the pack worked well, I am thinking that I can get away with a single bottle pack instead of the dual. I don't know if I can lighten much more though. Carrying the litre of water got very old.

I will buy more of the tanks I wore. They were perfect. Same with the bras I finally found. I love my socks but will pad my small toes better. I won't change my shoes.

I refuse to drink Gatorade. WAY too much salt. I would rather eat something salty- pickles and pretzels worked. I use Smart Water for electrolyte replacement most commonly. Went through about 7.5 litres over the weekend. Everytime I could connect with Mike, I got more. That stuff is great- tastes just like water. With pit stops every three or so miles, getting to plain water wasn't difficult. What I did discover is that I don't drink nearly enough water. I have to fix that.

The shorts were the best I found during training but look pretty dorky. Oh well- it isn't a fashion show.

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As you found

by jdclyde In reply to Had to think that one thr ...

it is the details that make or break.

I am sure you will be much better prepared for any devious tricks they can throw your way next time!

Drinking. "If you wait till your thirsty, you waited too long to take a drink".

At least it was nice weather!

Glad to have pointed out the liquid bandages. We LOVE them in my house and have several bottles laying around the house so some is always at hand. Between the cat and the skateboarding, the boys are always needing to get patched up! Mr. Hyde (the cat) seems to think that Thing One is a chew toy.....

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Shin splints

by neilb@uk In reply to The total announced

I got them when I started my morning walks as I was going from a complete lazy slug starting point and striding too far forward. I checked with one of the guys in the office who does a lot of running and he pointed me at these exercises:

Shortening my stride made it a lot easier and I've been doing these exercises AND some for the Achilles tendonitis (I'm falling apart!). I have to keep going though because if I stop, I don't think that I'll start again.

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Way to G!

by lowlands In reply to Pink Ribbon Part Deux

Wow, that's a lot of pictures :)

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Great piccies, Tig

by neilb@uk In reply to Pink Ribbon Part Deux

Thanks for posting them.

Nice to put a face on the shoes...

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