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Please help us beta test TechRepublic's new search

By Peter Spande ·
We realize our current site search leaves a bit to be desired. I'd like to invite members to take our new search engine for a test drive. You can find the beta version here:

The search allows members to view all TechRepublic content in one result listing, sort by content type (articles, blogs, white papers, discussions, etc.,)sort by relevance, date, and popularity.

We are prioritizing member and editorial tags in our search results. If there are no matching tags we use full text search for the primary results. If you do a search on the term "Microsoft Windows Vista"

you can also view the items with most page views from members

you can also filter by secondary terms as well. Perhaps security?

We look forward to your thoughts,comments, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Better but

by zlitocook In reply to Please help us beta test ...

A bit slow and it should have a misspelled word function. If the word is close to what a word is then it could ask if this is what you mean. But it works better then the old search.
What search engine are you using?

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Working on Speed

by JFPSF In reply to Better but

We are working on speeding it up. You should see improvements in a day or two. I will look into adding common misspellings as synonyms.

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It appears to work very well

by NickNielsen In reply to Please help us beta test ...

I have yet to not find an article or discussion with the search tags. Now all we have to work on is the tagging. For example, I searched TR for years for the page defining the emoticons, but could never find it. Why?

Because the page is tagged "software" only. Go figure.

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It's a matter of time

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to It appears to work very w ...

Unfortunately, the emoticon definitions article was published before there were tags. But I can take care of that right now.

I'll tag it with emoticon

(If I can find it) ;\

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I like it

by Tig2 In reply to Please help us beta test ...

I tried a number of references and oblique references based on the tagging habits I have seen.

The difficulty will lie in getting peers to remember that their tags should be relavant to content. Good luck with that- there are a number of folks that didn't find the existing search function helpful so did not tag posts relevant to content.

And of course, Jaqui- "mandatory tagging sucks".

Spell suggestion or spell check would be very helpful- especially to chronic mis-spellers who shall remain nameless...

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Not just user tags

by JFPSF In reply to I like it

The search doesn't rely only on tagging by TR users. We have built software that tags all the content by extracting all the statistically significant phrases from the text. That is what is providing the majority of the tags.

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Then I missed something

by Tig2 In reply to Not just user tags

And will go back and re-try. I searched on "cancer" because I was reasonably certain of discussions on this topic. It didn't surprise me when those discussions were yielded, nor was I surprised to see white papers that used the term in their titles. I did expect to see a blog but also am aware that blogs are being phased out and you may not accomodate them.

I wasn't surprised when the "Join the Pink Ribbon Brigade" didn't show as I didn't tag it for cancer, but if the software should have discerned that content, then I am curious as to what I should have expected.

I shall have to continue to play with this...

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Limits of Software

by JFPSF In reply to Then I missed something

The software will only tag the content if the phrase appears often enough.

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That makes sense then

by Tig2 In reply to Limits of Software

I believe that the actual phrase occurred once or perhaps twice in the originating post and comparitively few times thereafter.

Now the results make sense. I appreciate you clarifying that for me!

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