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Please Please Please Dont leave us

By stargazerr ·
Says Microsoft,39020330,39261437,00.htm


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Can imagen why :)

by rob mekel In reply to Please Please Please Dont ...

Afraid of Open Source, losing their position in market, earning less money, and so on and soon (oops, slip of the tongue :) :^0 )


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It's stupid

by M_a_r_k In reply to Please Please Please Dont ...

Why do we have to buy yet another copy of Windows if we are replacing an old computer with a new one? If you're discarding the old computer, you can use the Windows from that one to load on the new computer. It would be a big waste of money to discard all the software that was installed on the old computer. The trouble is that most people don't know a thing about computers and they seem to think that hardware and software are inexplicably tied together as one inseparable unit.

I've bought all my desktop PCs from local shops that custom build to customer specs. The customer pays for everything they put on the machine. They won't arbitrarily load a "free" OS and I sure as **** won't pay for it, so it has a totally empty hard drive when I take it home. And therefore it doesn't have all the other useless crap like desktop icons for a free 30-days of AOL, an almost free credit report, an almost free divorce attorney, etc etc

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Most people

by stargazerr In reply to It's stupid

want to have a comfortable life and love pre-installed software and OS. Of course, most of that comes from the fact that they dont know the first thing about software. Windows is the only thing they have ever heard of.

But M$ has nerve saying that hardware vendors should not hand out naked PCs .... I would never buy a computer if it comes pre-installed with windows. Its just that much more work for me to uninstall the peice of crap and install Linux.


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And even if you do want to keep Windows

by M_a_r_k In reply to Most people

The pre-installed configuration is not going to be exactly the configuration I want. How in the world does some guy in China getting paid 2 cents a day have any clue how I am going to use my PC? What components of Windows that you do want did not get installed? And vice versa, what components that you do not want did get installed? Even if I would want to keep Windows, rather than taking the time and risk of uninstalling/installing various components, I'd still reformat the disk and start over from scratch and install everything the way I want.

Er...I thought you have Windows on your PC, not Linux. ?

BTW, who in the world made up the phrase "vice versa"? "Versa" isn't even a word in the English language.

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It's Latin

by DMambo In reply to And even if you do want t ...

Vice versa is Latin. I figured you would know that living so close to Latin America.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to It's Latin

Well, you probably know this already but the people in Latin America don't speak Latin. They mostly speak Spanish. A few countries speak something else, like Portugese. Damn Europeans' influence was felt all over the New World. I dunno why South/Central America is called "Latin America", though. Nobody anywhere even speaks Latin anymore. Except the Pope.

BTW, what is the origin of Latin? And where is Latte?

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in a cup

by dawgit In reply to Hmmm

I saw a 'Latte' in a coffee cup just the other day. :-)

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The Latte guy

by M_a_r_k In reply to in a cup

Did he speak Latin? More importantly, was there also coffee in the cup? If so, I hope the Latte guy could swim.

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I don't drink lattes

by DMambo In reply to in a cup

I guess that makes me a Latte-no (buh dum buh)

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by jhultberg In reply to Hmmm

The orgin of Latin was from the Roman's in the Roman Empire. Latte is in Italy if I remember correctly...

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