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    Pop-up Ads on Tech Republic Site


    by tgreim ·

    I find it extremely troublesome in this time when we as well as many people find pop-up ads to be annoying, inconveniencing, a waste of time and no value ad within the work place. When I recently went to one of TechRepublics pages to evaluate the purchase of sample policies, I was hit with a security warning where a component was going to install from Gain Publishing that in essence creates numerous pop-up ads and installs applications directly on your workstation. If my security settings were not set the way they are, the application would have self installed and I would not known as to what is going on. For Tech Republic to allow this company to push this technology out through there site is a disgrace and gives me the perception that Tech Republic is not a technical resource as they portray. For them to provide insight and recommendations and then allow this to be installed witin their site is hypocritical and turned me away from ever using the site again as I will never know what other vendors they work with to push such trash out to the public.

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      Count your blessings …

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Pop-up Ads on Tech Republic Site

      Most of the services provided by TechRepublic are available without paying any joining fee. So how do you think they finance their website?

      Stop whinging and enjoy all the wonderful free services provided by the website.

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