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Pope John Paul II

By Oz_Media ·
""Have you been a diligent and vigilant master of the church?" he asked himself. "Have you tried to satisfy the expectations of the faithful of the church and also the hunger for truth that we feel in the world outside the church?"

The pope offered no answers to the questions, but he did ask for prayers to help him carry on "right to the end.""

"John Paul II

1920: Born near Krakow, Poland

1946: Ordained a priest

1964: Appointed Archbishop of Krakow

1978: Elected Pope

During the Nazi occupation in World War II he studied theology - in hiding for part of the time - and was eventually ordained a priest in 1946.

He was quickly promoted, becoming archbishop in 1964 and cardinal in 1967.

An outside candidate, his approach to the papacy was dynamic. John Paul II has never been a man to remain shrouded behind the walls of the Vatican.

He has travelled constantly. After his appointment, he quickly established himself as an instantly recognisable figurehead to the world's largest Christian community.

He has visited more than 100 countries and is estimated to have effectively circled the globe 27 times.

However his desire for closeness with people almost led to his death. In 1981 he was shot and seriously wounded by a Mehmet al-Agca, a Turkish fanatic, in St Peter's square.

After a long recovery he visited and forgave his would-be assassin."

No, Pope John Paul II didn't support war, ANY war.

Yes, Pope John Paul II had his share of critics for his views on contraception, divorce and aborton.

There is no doubt though, that this man's dedication to the betterment of mankind left an indellible mark in history. The world gained great benefit from him, and he shall me missed by all.

We know you will rest in peace, Pope John Paul II 1920 - 2005

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An "outside candidate," with inside connections.

by deepsand In reply to Pope John Paul II

His ascension to the Papacy was engineered by Philadelphia's John Cardinal Krol, the king-maker of the Catholic Church during his tenure.

Krol was quite comfortably esconced in his Main Line estate, and had no desire to take on the responsibilites of being Pope, while simultaneously giving up the great freedom he so enjoyed to come and go as was his want. So, like many politicians, he choose to excercise his powers behind the scenes.

As a fellow Pole, the future John Paul II was a natural candidate for him to back.

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A great and humble man

by TheChas In reply to Pope John Paul II

I had the good fortune to attend Mass presided over by John Paul twice.

Both are events etched in my memory.

May other religious and political leaders learn from John Paul's example and give selflessly to their respective flocks.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to A great and humble man

During a visit to Rome in 99, my wife and I attempted to go to mass (which was being held by John Paul II). Unfortunately, we ended up getting stuck in the Rome train station, and never made it to mass. My wife is still upset about that

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With respect to grieving TR members.

by tbragsda In reply to Pope John Paul II

I will keep it down. I do offer my best wishes.

John Paul II was generally conservative on issues like abortion, gay rights, women and married people in the priesthood. And sure, he doesn't want HIV positive Catholics in aids ravaged coutries using condoms. I have a little to like about him, but I will offer my best wishes to Catholic TR members, and leave it at that.

Peace to all.

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Respond here

by TheChas In reply to With respect to grieving ...

I have started a thread for those who wish to discuss the teachings of Pope John Paul and the Catholic faith.

Yes, Pope John Paul followed the long standing teachings of the Catholic Church.

The church is not a democracy and should not be expected to change it's teachings to follow the whims of current social norms.

The Pope deserves accolades for holding fast to the teachings of the Church.

One is not required to join a specific faith. However, one should embrace the teachings of that faith once they decide to become a member.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to With respect to grieving ...

As rife as rape is in the African countries, I doubt Catholics wearing condoms would do too much to curb the spread of aids. IMHO.

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aids??? it's not contaigeous.

by Jaqui In reply to Unfortunately

aids = auto immune definciency syndrome

what you are reffering to is hiv
a viral infection that causes an aids-like state by destroying the immune system

had to learn about it, spent a year working in downtown east side, the highest incedence of hiv and hepititis c infection in north america ( by percentage of population infected )
also the poorest area in canada.

there are also 2 things to remember:
1) if you are possible accidentally exposed there is a cure. run to local hospital and demand to be tested for and given the accidental exposure treatment as defined by the Dr. Perter Centre for Excellence in HIV treatment.
( basically, the cocktail until test results back, if negative that's it, if positive, continure for 30 days. get tested again at end, at 6 months and 1 and 2 years.

2) it doesn't mean your life is over anymore I know people that have lived with it for over 20 years now, still going strong.

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No Jaqui you've got it all wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to aids??? it's not contaige ...

AIDS really stands for "Alcohol Induced Dizzy Spells" plain and simple.

It is a common occurrence over here with just about every adult is affected by it to some degree.

Col ]:)

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I thought

by Jellimonsta In reply to aids??? it's not contaige ...

I thought you were being facetious at first. I guess I should have clarified between HIV and AIDS. I know of people who are 'living strong' with AIDS too. Regardless, I still would not want to wish the disease on anybody.

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by Oz_Media In reply to aids??? it's not contaige ...

My best friend's father had some problems after a divorce. He ended up losin ghis job as an acocuntant for a major airline, having no support from teh outside (as he had made it that way by shutting people out) and ended up living in Vernon Apartments, and the Brandiz (You MUST be familiar with that hole in life).

In no time, he was using herione, coke, etc intravenously and contrated Hep C and was diagnosed as HIV positive.

Being quite ill form previous issues, it took him very hard and he finally began to reach out for help.

Over tha last few years he has recovered somewhet, has been hospitalized several times but now stands quite strong, as strong as can be expected at his age and with his physical issues.

He actually came camping for a few days over here last week with my friend. He's not strong, has a broken hip and has broken his legs several times (earlier in his life) he is gettign older but he had great spirits about him and HIV has not become ful bloen aids yet, the Hep C is under wraps and he has a new lease on life.

You're right Jaqui, too many people know FAR too little about these issues. I see a good awareness in Vancouver because of Hastings street being focused on. But on the Island, there are still a great deal of people who would run screaming at the thought of being near someone with HIV or HEP C. I can only imagine what it must be like in even less effected areas or areas where it is kept quiet.

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