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Positive Things About Your Job

By DMambo ·
There have been a lot of threads lately about those things that get our panties wrinkled at work. Let's hear some of the things that make you look forward to going in to the salt mine daily. The people or projects that help get you out of bed in the morning!

For me, one of those people is a "little old lady" here who is always cheerful and is just a joy to be around. I tell her she's like a second mother (she says a second older sister). She's got a great sense of humor and if she has trouble, just the approach she uses puts her at the top of the priority list.

Another is that we have very good free coffee.

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I get...

by jck In reply to Positive Things About You ...

internet access that isn't restricted, i.e.- my boss trusts me to be prudent with my use.

It is finally nice to have a boss that trusts me.

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Lots of freedom on how to spend my day

by jdclyde In reply to Positive Things About You ...

Provided there isn't an emergency of some sort, I just have a list of projects I am working on (that I made for myself) and work on what I feel like.

I e-mail my status on projects more frequently to my boss than he would come around to check on things, giving him less reason to come around.

so I sit in my office, listen to some rock'en tunes and play with all the cool toys. And they PAY me for it too!

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That's a good benefit

by DMambo In reply to Lots of freedom on how to ...

I'm a one-man shop and my boss is on the other coast, so I get that freedom too. Makes it nice. In fact he's been my boss for almost a year now and I've never met him in person.

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The money

by neilb@uk In reply to Positive Things About You ...

The Riverside Path and the ladies wot jog is 25ft away and 6ft down through a floor-to-ceiling window
The view of the Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral
The guys and gals that I work with (mostly)
Unlimited, free real tea and milk
Very little else


Oh, and the money

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by Shellbot In reply to Positive Things About You ...

I left a job in February that i had been at for 3.5 years. Got treated like you know what, no respect..etc etc etc

So, i been in my new job for 3 months now. I am so loving it. No one watches what i do, i work to my own pace, I'm asked my opinion, they take my opinion into account, email , internet, you manage your own time and resources. Its great, now..its not easy, I work very hard most days, but the day goes so fast and the people are so nice.
And the best thing: I am treated like a GODDESS !!! No one in the org has a clue about IT, i am *no joke* the most knowledgeable person in the place when it comes to computers and software. They think I the smartest person in the fantastic for the ego !!
(untill i get home and my hubby tells me how he single-handedly saved 12,000 users from complete meltdown and while he was having coffee wrote a new program to change the angle of the setting of the sun..*geek*)

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by CorTech In reply to Positive Things About You ...

The paycheck that allows me to support my habits.

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Employee- and family-friendly

by gene.fellner In reply to Positive Things About You ...

My company is a subsidiary of one of the most respected corporations in America. It's well run by people who have a genuine interest in our business so we're securely positioned as an industry leader, which is the key to everything else going smoothly.

This is no mom-and-pop outfit. We have about 20,000 employees in offices all over the country.

We ride out hard times with infusions of capital from the holding company, with no layoffs. When times turn good again we pay the investment back handsomely and we get as much as 25% profit sharing.

As a result it feels like a family. People aren't competing with each other because they don't have to in order to keep their jobs. Everyone is sociable, helpful and tolerant. They're also not afraid to tell you when you're being a jerk or not pulling your load, but they say it as a helpful hint for improvement rather than a gripe. Lots of enduring friendships, romances, and even marriages have started here. Things run smoothly because every time you go to a meeting you're surrounded by friends with a shared mission.

Projects are well run, goals are realistic, and the executives take an interest in process improvement. The company president knows what a Function Point is, we have sized our entire application portfolio, and we're doing project estimates based on our own past performance statistics. Overtime is relatively rare and never draconian, yet projects come in more or less on time and on budget because "planning" is part of our vocabulary. So is "QA," production software failures and cancelled projects are almost non-existent.

Even with the profit sharing, the pay is not outstanding, but clearly that's not as important a concern as sheer job security and job stress not spilling over into family life. We have hundreds of employees with 25 years of service and dozens with 40. We even have people in their 70s who are still working because it's more pleasant to come here than to stay home.

Every year they take an employee survey and analyze the results. People have the same gripes as at any company: not getting promoted, not being listened to, bosses who don't understand their subordinates' work, cancelled training, etc. But on the question, "What is your likelihood of remaining here?" the average answer was 8.5 out of 10.

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Where do I sign up?

by jkaras In reply to Employee- and family-frie ...

sounds too good to be true. Tell me your in the states.

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My manager

by Absolutely In reply to Positive Things About You ...

I'm a contract worker for now on a project that's scheduled to finish by the end of this month. My supervisor has been amazing at answering questions about finding permanent work and even offering suggestions without being asked.

Also, if I do get hired the benefits are fantastic.

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by Bee-Man88 In reply to Positive Things About You ...

I love to watch my team in action... whether it is implementing new functionality or just helping users with issues. It makes me feel great to see my influence resulting in action and results...

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