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Pot calling kettle....come in kettle.....

By gadgetgirl ·
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! See this item I just read.....

So, M$ is calling Sony for inserting "stealth software" onto personal PCs. Erm...hello? wasn't that what M$ did when Real Player was upgraded? It also contained "stealth software" which sent a list back to them of the music being copied from the pc.

So, now I'm intrigued, both from a personal ethics and work oriented point of view - does anyone know of any other "stealth software" out there?


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Read the EULA

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Pot calling ...

Before installing any freeware always read the EULA most times it will say what information is sent back to the "central" servers for their information. From my experience about 90% of freeware contains some reporting functions, typically IP address, user id and data concerning use of the product.

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Who's watching you

by Neil Higgins In reply to Read the EULA

It's not just downloads which may contain spyware to inform "god-knows who" what you may be doing on-line.Look at this link,especially paragraph five,concerning UK ISP provider Telewest.If you've done nothing "dodgy",you've nothing to worry about.My concern is that "they?" are probably compiling data anyway,even if you are only visiting et el..

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And this is a shock because...

by issinho In reply to Who's watching you

I was in to visit my old networking instructor who showed me something new (like he always does, that's why I run 3 Linux boxes at home). What it was was an open source application that sat on the firewall and would actually alert to certain CONTENT that passed over it. We're talking e-mail correspondance, keywords, searches, anything.
I looked at that article and, after thinking a little on my experience with my instructor, thought to myself: "If he can do that, what is stopping an ISP from doing the same thing?" Think about it for a second. Your ISP controls your internet access! Sure you could always hack your way into another person's LAN and do all of your "evil" deeds from there, but the fact is that anything over the internet can be tracked and monitored.
This leads me to another gripe: If sharing files and music is so wrong, why doesn't M$ simply pull the ability from Media Player? A simple fix in the form of an update would handle that, would it not? True, that would be like saying you could send a letter in the form of a Word.doc file, but not a copy of the latest DVD release. So I know it would be a very risky transition, but I don't feel whoever has a huge issue with these copyright problems really is trying hard enough to stop it.

There's my 2 Cent's worth. Take it or leave it.

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And if you think that's scary....

by ron_conaway In reply to And this is a shock becau ...

I worked for an E-Retail company. We are running a product from TeaLeaf technologies that allows us to recreate and view the user experience. We can actual view each page and click that the user did as though we were watching it live. If my small retailer can do this what does the NSA, FBI, etc have the ability to do not to mention just the average hacker. HMMM!

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big brother

by tony_rly In reply to And if you think that's s ...

is always watching you!
I use a cleaner (Ccleaner)after every session on the internet. This clears cookies, temporary internet files and history. I also use a firewall (Zonealarm) and have antivirus (AVG)running on startup. I also run an anti spyware (Adaware) program daily.This is on my home pc.
Am I paranoid? or just secure?


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Is it paranoia

by TonytheTiger In reply to big brother

if they really are out to get you?

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Just because!

by athlon9600+ In reply to Is it paranoia

Just because you are paranoid , doesn't mean they aren't watching you............some people say paranoia is acute perception.

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Paranoid are those...

by Willy MacWindows In reply to Is it paranoia

...who have something to hide. If you really need all that kind of "Security" don't surf the web - or at least do anyinthg you don't want anyone to know about. The internet these days is like walking through a glass house naked, if it makes you uncomfortable DON'T DO IT! Otherwise stop whining and enjoy it...and go buy the damn CD's or DVD's from your independant retailer, thieves! Not only do these measures protect the big corporate machines but it also protects the smaller independant retailers who rely on people to buy stuff rather than steal it.


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big brother

by todd.j.bartoszkiewicz In reply to big brother

This keeps your machine clean, but your ISP still knows everything you have sent over the network ( web requests, downloads, e-mail messages, etc. ).

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by pickleman In reply to big brother

Your ISP doesn't "know" anything, unless they've set up port sniffers to deliberately monitor their customers' traffic. The first ISP that would be stupid enough to do something like this would be the first ISP to go out of business and its owners brought up on charges the following day.

People should just take a deep breath and relax. There are no black helicopters hovering over your house. There are no agents in black watching you. Take a common sense approach -- kepe your PC secure and just live your life as you normally would. The only time you have to be worried about someone possibly "spying" on your activities is if you're doing something illegal.

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