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By alihadi40 ·
i am using a VGA cable to connect my computer to a monitor and a projector. i get display on the monitor but noty the projector.any suggestions?

thank you


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by Skitzizzy In reply to power point

During the course of my work I am sometimes required to connect a laptop to an external monitor and a projector at the same time. There are a few considerations:

1. The cable you are using must be compatible with the devices you connect to it. Refer to the various manuals to ensure this is the case.

2. The computer must send the signal to the projector at a compatible resolution. Older projectors may only support 800 x 600 graphics, and a low refresh rate (60-75Mhz).

3. Sometimes, the monitor setting needs to be changed/invoked so the laptop will send the signal to both monitor and projector. On most laptops, there is a function key which does this.

4. Some projectors have a selector switch to choose the display mode. Make sure this is also set correctly.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.



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by Choppit In reply to power point

Multimedia projectors use LCD technology so need to be driven at a lower refresh rate. Try 60Hz.

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by Pr0x1 In reply to power point

In case the above 2 do not work, the next question is "are you using a laptop"... if yes, Fn-F7 on most laptops switches display modes. Also, XP Advanced Disply properties should allow you to control this.

Older projectors, as the previous answers state, have lower refresh rates, but also lower resolutions. 800x600 is usualy the lowest today, but 3 years ago, it was still 640x480.

Good luck.

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