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Power solutions for DR

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Tell us what you think about Mike Talon's advice concerning the importance of power solutions for your production and DR facilities, as featured in the August 12 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. Let us know if this information is useful to you.

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Not exactly

by totlcomp In reply to Power solutions for DR

>Since UPS devices are designed to support >operations for only 30 minutes to an hour, they >won't solve serious power issues.

The above is quoted from the atricle, which on the whole, seems factual and accurate. However, UPS systems are available, in single phase and larger three phase iterations, that will run anything from a small server to a small town, for as long as would be economical for any particular installation, but easily for a nuimber of hours. The 30 minute figure mentioned in the article refers to "standard" run times. Major manufacturers offer extended run time packages to suit most needs, and a few will put together a unit with as much run time as you could reasonably want. There is, of course, a point beyond which an emergency standby generator, used in conjunction with a standard run time UPS, makes more sense, but the key point is that UPS systems can be configured to provide hours, as well as minutes of service.

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good info

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Not exactly

The article was specifically referring to "standard" packages from UPS vendors, which generally only promise 30 minutes of standby power. You are, however, correct in saying that UPS systems can be configured to run for longer time periods.

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