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prayer request

By john_wills ·
jul646 is in hospital with heart failure. We have all benefited by his contributions to TR discussions. He is facing a choice between an operation with a significant chance of killing him and drugs to extend his life for a few years.

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by road-dog In reply to prayer request

If you have any kind of conduit to his family, please send along my wishes for a speedy and successful recovery.

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My best wishes go out to Julian

by maxwell edison In reply to prayer request

That's shocking news, and I'll certainly pray for a full and speedy recovery.

Julian and I have experienced both the locking of horns, so to speak, as well as in-depth and very thought provoking discussion. I think I can honestly say that no one in these forums has challenged my thought process more than he has. I don't mean that in a negative way, but as a positive that made me rise to a higher level within myself. There's nothing like a spirited debate to make one look inward to reevaluate one's position, one's delivery, or to help someone better himself. Please pass on my best wishes if you are able.

This reminds me of something that happened to me not too long ago that may be appropriate to share. Throughout my high school years I had a friend to whom I was closer than even my own brothers. We remained in contact for a few years after high school, but soon lost touch. After about twenty years of not having seen him, I decided to look him for a reunion of sorts. I was shocked to discover that he had suddenly died of heart failure five years prior at the ripe old age of 43. It was quite sad to realize that the time we had lost, the words that went unsaid, and the experiences that went unshared left an emptiness that's impossible to fill. Losing touch with my old best friend is perhaps the biggest regret I have in my life.

People who somehow touch your lives in a positive way are rare indeed, and you never know if the last time you saw them will end up being the last time you see them. I'll bet I made a dozen phone calls after I learned of my friend's death, all to people who touched my life in a positive way.

My best wishes go out to Julian and to those close to him.

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Quite simply

by Cactus Pete In reply to prayer request

My best wishes for him and my deepest concern for his recovery.

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Thanks for the information

by TheChas In reply to prayer request

I too have enjoyed many of Julian's postings.

I will keep him in my prayers.

My wish is that he selects the 'best' course of treatment for his situation.

I do hope that he is able to recover and continue to enlighten us with his thoughts and experiences.


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by mrafrohead In reply to prayer request

I typed up a long thing and it just doesn't seem appropriate. He's an adult and probably knows better than me. So I will just leave this post with this note instead of a book and some advice.

Juliann, I wish to you a healthy and speedy recovery, and the strength to make it through your trials ahead. I wish to your family, the strength to support you and also the ability to receive support from you. With your decision ahead, listen to your heart and not your head. Your heart will not lead you astray.


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Sincere Hope

by Oldefar In reply to prayer request

That Julian makes the choice that is right for him.

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Thoughts of a friend

by jkaras In reply to prayer request

We all object and argue as well as bridge gaps between cultures during our discussions. I've always found his posts rather interesting and questionable at times, but quite funny most of the time. I look forward to many more postings from my friend from down under. His personality expressed in his postings have always strenghten my opinion of Austrailians as a down to Earth people giving me a desire to take a really long plane flight to experience all that they offer.

My father died of Arithmea which is irregular heart beat. It was a roller coaster ride that was life defining. My father despite pleas to change made a decision that life was to be lead making him happy and loss of what made him who he was was too high a price to pay to live a few months to years while not enjoying it. He had his shelf life determined and he decided to eat the things that gave him pleasure and do everything he wanted despite the risk since the end was determined. As painful as it was it was his right and I definitly respected his wish.

Julian will decide what's best for him not for others. The pills will help not cure and the operation if successful gives him the best chance I imagine. Regardless my thoughts will be for him to be healthy and well. Get well my friend.

On a side note I recently saw a rather good movie, a bit artsy, called 21 grams. It had Sean Penn, Benico Del Torro, and Naomi Watts, if you get the chance you may like it but it is a bit squimish. It's a bit of a train wreck of personal issues but good none the less, it's not entertaining merly makes you question what you would do if it was you.

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Sorry to hear..

by TomSal In reply to prayer request

Though I've been a regular visitor of these forums from the days TR was "brand new", I don't know julian as well as you folks may have.

Regardless of that fact, my prayers and thoughts are with him and his family for a speedy and healthy recovery.

God bless.

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I ain't dead yet ...

by jardinier In reply to Sorry to hear..

I am very moved by the nice words and thoughts expressed here.

My choice was between surgery with a 5 per cent failure possibility, or live at a lower level on medication. I wasn't happy with the 5 per cent possibility of dying immediately, so have chosen the medication option. Apparently many people have continued to live on for quite a few years on the medication.

As I live alone in an apartment block, and have contact with only one close relative -- my 29-year-old elder nephew, Alexander, I have come to regard TR as my family. I have established close friendships (i.e. exchanging emails) with certain members, and the rest of you are my extended family.

God bless you all, Julian.

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Live long and prosper

by TheChas In reply to I ain't dead yet ...


I don't mean to sound like a "Trekkie", but I sincerely wish that you may "live long and prosper".

I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Take good care of yourself.


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