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President Bush Must Read TechRepublic - And Listen to Maxwell Edison

By maxwell edison ·
"He's (Bush) doing a terrible thing by not chastising the United Nations for the corrupt and flawed organization it really is, and calling them to task, even demanding resignations and restructuring. It's time somebody stand up and call them what they really are, and he's in the position to do it. But he's not doing it."

- Maxwell Edison on 9/12/05

The following are cut-and-pasted excerpts from a news story:

US President George W. Bush called for the United Nations to be "free of corruption" and to step up the fight against terrorism four years after the September 11 attacks.

"The United Nations must be strong and efficient, free of corruption, and accountable to the people it serves. The United Nations must stand for integrity and live by the high standards it sets for others," he said.

"When this great institution's member states choose notorious abusers of human rights to sit on the UN Human Rights Commission, they discredit a noble effort and undermine the credibility of the whole organization," he said.

"If member countries want the United Nations to be respected and effective, they should begin by making sure it is worthy of respect," said Bush.

- President Bush addressing the United Nations, AT the United Nations, on September 15, 2005.**4/1/3uylw.html

My, oh my. He goes into THEIR house and says such things. President Bush must have been reading the threads at TechRepublic and heeded my words.

Kudos to you, President Bush. It's about time someone calls them what they really are.

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What should come of this?

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