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Prestige and backstabbing

By local support ·
Sometimes it's necessary to combine the efforts of several departments to acheive a good and functional result. Unfortunately, sometimes the people that should contribute move in opposite directions or don't want to participate at all.

I work with local / end user support. Right now I'm trying to help a user with an application, that he needs for his job. I do not have enough knowledge to work out the solution. Therefor I have contacted some other knowledgeable people in other departments.

Problem is, they don't want to cooperate with each other. Me myself is on good terms with all of them, but behind each others backs they think lowly of each other, and call each other dirty names. Everyone tries to push blame and responsibility onto someone else.

timeout to be continued

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Stay above

by Old Guy In reply to Prestige and backstabbing

the buzz saw. You can always post your questions here or in the Tech Q&A and the folks here will probably know how to help you.

That way you can get the answers here and look really cool to your users.

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Good advice from Old Guy

by DMambo In reply to Stay above

as much as I hate to admit that.

It might feel good in the short term to knock your coworkers, especially when you're joining in with a few to "pile on" someone else, but don't do it. It always comes back on you. Like the Old Dude said, use TR. Or do some research on you own for a problem. It's more fun to figure it out yourself anyway.

Sounds like your boss has a mess on his/her hands!

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Buzz saws

by Old Guy In reply to Good advice from Old Guy

I've worked in the medical field for the past 27 years, which is mostly women. The women have always treated me (and most other males) great. But I tell ya what--they can be vicious vipers to each other! I love these women and I have a great time with all of them but I have seen some of the cat fights (almost physical) which have been unreal. I inadvertantly walked in between two of them one and realized real quick I was in the wrong place. Scared me to death.

That's the reason I say just stay above it and don't get down in the middle with them. Much safer on you.

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Glad I work with mostly men

by WhomEver123 In reply to Buzz saws

Well I'm a female and IT is mostly populated with men, so I'm grateful to be a female working with mostly men as I don't have to be involved in these cat fights. I can tell you tho, that some men can be just as bad as women in this sense and I did work with a group of guys who were very dysfunctional, gossiped as much if not more than women, and were constantly fighting with each other bringing everyone down in our very small department. So I don't know if that is just a female thing.

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by ronny.baeb In reply to Good advice from Old Guy

The Old Guy has a point, it is better to stay out of this kind of problems, but I don't agree if he say's use TR or do your own research. In most cases there is no time to use TR or to do research (of course you can make time at the expense of the costumer), so a good relation ship towards collegeaus is imparitive. But for the rest am i not so shure if the boss has a problem, some companies maintain that sort of spirit to increase individual (departemental)competivity, I don't understand why they do that because it is cristalclear that this is contra productif on a companylevel, so the real question is what is higher management doing? It is there job to make sure that the company as a whole act as a team.

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Above the fray

by joesbarngrill60 In reply to mmmh

You need to stay above the fray. 99% of the time, I don't respond to someones comment about another.I may agree wholeheartedly with them, but I find it drags me down to their level and sucks me in. I have enough problems doing my job w/o getting caught in the vacuum.
As far as mgmt. is concerned, they seem to have a 'don't ask, don't tell, don't give a ...t policy.

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Point them to a Tek-tips forum with expertise on their app

by frwagne In reply to mmmh

When I can't help someone with their app, and they don't have paid-for factory support, I can usually find a community on for them - and they're happier for it.

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Be up front

by baebaetech In reply to mmmh

You have to be up front and let both of your coworkers know that it make you feel uncomfortable when he or she speaks badly of the other. That should at least keep the non sense from you.

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What if it's an "In-House" Application

by LEDM In reply to Stay above

I agree using TR, newsgroups, etc. and getting the information oneself is a great way of solving problems and learning at the same time. However, I've run across problems with in-house apps that you just have to find somebody in the company with experience. That can be a problem if nobody has the time or the inclination to help you.

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been there, done that

by cberding In reply to What if it's an "In-House ...

Yes, it can get tricky, but you have to use all the information you can to get things done, like:

--Know who this person reports to
--Know who are this person's customers

and importantly...

Who will you hurt more if you don't get this resolved?

Everyone loses if your company loses revenue because of it.

What will everyone agree to do? If you can be the third party that keeps them from locking horns, it may make them happy not to have to deal with someone else in person, because they could be intimidated or angry with them for one reason or another.

You should not sink the corporate ship over petty in-fighting. It happens, but you just have to work on it sometimes.

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