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Princess Mary and Prince Frederik

By jardinier ·
At about 12.30 am Saturday, Sydney time, I watched the televised wedding of Tasmanian Mary Donaldson to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

It was a moving and uplifting experience, and such a pleasant and total contrast to the tragedies and scandals which have beset the English monarchy over the last couple of decades.

I learnt a lot about Denmark from the English translation of the words spoken to the young couple by the Bishop of Copenhagen. This monarchy -- the oldest in Europe -- was founded by Vikings in the 10th Century. Again in contrast to the treatment of the English monarchy by the yellow rag press, the Danish media treats their beloved royal family respectfully.

Unfortunately Australia has not been treated too well by the British monarchy. We started our relatively short history as a dumping ground for convicts, and in various wars, especially World War I, our eager, naive young men went like lambs to the slaughter as cannon-fodder for the British.

So yes, it was indeed inspiring to be a spectator of this special event in a monarchal society which works for and with the common people.

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As a Canadian

by gbrownlee In reply to Princess Mary and Prince ...

I too have a warm spot in my heart for the Monarchy. I believe that being a member of the Commonwealth has helped us retain atleast a shred of our own identity. Sometimes, a seemingly hard thing to do; when the worlds big kid on the block lives next door.

When the daily news has become nothing more than a never ending littany of rape, murder and mayhem, a story such as theirs lifts a persons spirit. I wonder if a new pc is on their gift list.

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You know, I was think of that just this morning. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to As a Canadian

Not the monarchy, as I couldn't give a hoot, but, as you put it, the "never ending littany of rape, murder and mayhem (from) the world's big kid on the block (who) lives next door.

It's no wonder the world has such a false sense of who we are, if a person bases his or her opinion on those news reports. You know, if you received a fair and balanced view of who we are - balanced in the sense of good news/bad news - you'd see 99 percent good stuff and only 1 percent bad stuff. (Okay, maybe 98/2, but you get the idea.)

If you listen to the media, you'd think that all we see here are gun fights, police chases, starving children in the streets, corrupt business leaders, and so on. Those things are the exception, not the rule. But another rule is that's all you'll see on the news.

HEADLINE: Three hundred million people were not murdered today

HEADLINE: Tens of Thousands of American businesses treat their customers and employees fairly and with respect

HEADLINE: More college graduates in USA than any other industralized nation

HEADLINE: Billions of American dollars sent to under-developed countries

HEADLINE: Family of killed GI proud of their son's sacrifice

HEADLINE: Millions of Americans support President Bush

HEADLINE: Millions of American families remain together

HEADLINE: 99 percent of American streeets are safe to walk

HEADLINE: Bush to approve 15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa

HEADLINE: There's more good about America than bad, survey discovers

Why do you see only the bad stuff? Well, without it, you wouldn't have a reason to despise us (U.S.). So they start with the end in mind, which is to criticize America, and they work backwards looking for the justification. And that's all you see.

I don't know what to do about it, but I think it's a damn shame.

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Sorry Maxwell but your wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You know, I was think of ...

Most people base their beliefs on what they actually see from the American News Networks and then make their decisions based on that. There is an old Maxim that goes something like this "Bad News is "Great News" for the newspapers and networks as it improves sales of newspapers and ratings!" However good news just doesn't cut the mustard so it quite often just isn't shown.

I get to see a fair cross section of the major American news networks here when I'm at home and in all honesty your news is no worse than any other news that I've seen from various places in the Western World. Even your worst mass shotting was no where near as bad as what has happened here so in all honesty I really do not think it is your news services who show America in a bad light or at least no worse than any other Western Country.

I can remember some good news stories like when Australian fire fighters went over to the USA to help fight fires that where burning out of control this was widely reported as was the fact when the same thing happened over here last year in both cases all the stories where based around how others where willing to help rather than death and destruction.

If you really want to know what hurts America it is those stupid Soaps that show Americans in such a bad light always only too willing to get even for no real reason other then self gratification and making money by any possible means. I know it isn't real for a single minute but there is so much of this junk being circulated around that people begin to believe it as it is all that they see of your culture.

It has now reached the stage where people in Australia are calling 911 for emergency help and complaining when they can not get through as we have a different phone number but they only see the 911 and think that is how it is everywhere. These shows appeal to the lowest common denominator and are everywhere so is it any wonder that Americans in general are seen in such a bad light but people who just do not know any better?

I have had the advantage of working with Americans and knowing quite a few as well so I know that what is depicted on your TV exports is just not true but others who don't know any better only see this type of action by the actors in these shows and after a time consider it as what is normal in the USA.

Even John Wayne has a lot to answer for as he had the idea of shoot first and ask questions latter and unfortunately that is how a lot of people seem to think that the average American thinks and acts. So instead of blaming others for the way that they perceive your fellow countrymen you should have a good hard look at exactly what your country is producing for export to the masses who are very unlikely to ever visit America and unlikely to meet many American Citizens.

Even most of the Americans that I've meet over here don't tell anyone that they are American they just go about their business like anyone else and it is only their accent that gives them away to people who know but the average American who is working in Australia just isn't thought of as the "Typical American" and are treated as they deserve to be treated by most of the community unless of course that behave like what many see on their TV and this then only reinforces the idea that all Americans are the same.

What you should start trying to do is improve some of the junk that is exported to other countries and that way the perceptions of your fellow countrymen will start to improve.


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Jumping to conclusions

by gbrownlee In reply to You know, I was think of ...

Whoa there...The news I was refering to was what I see on CTV.

As for living next to the big kid, we tend to go along with the Americans. (Actually, I was really surprised we didn't back the U.S. in Iraq.) By consistently backing the U.S. and wanting things truly American, we tend to forget who we are. Like most, for TV entertainment, I'm certainly not going to tune in CBC. I'll be surfin' the American channels. Get my drift?

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Congratulations Max ....

by jardinier In reply to You know, I was think of ...

"Not the monarchy, as I couldn't give a hoot."

Now if I had racked my brain for weeks, I couldn't have come up with a better example of the kind of attitude which makes people from other countries dislike America.

Couldn't you just for a few minutes put aside your idiotic obsession that American has the best constitution in the world, and acknowledge that many other countries get along very nicely, thank you, with other systems of government.

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Why should I care about it?

by maxwell edison In reply to Congratulations Max ....

Why should I care about the British monarchy?

The only thing the British Monarchy is good for, as they don't "run the government" anymore, is blather for the tabloids.

The power of the British monarchy has been greatly reduced over the years, and the Queen (or future King) is uninvolved in the real operation of the government. She is merely a symbolic figure.

I care more about the issues surrounding Tony Blair than Queen Elizabeth.

If the fact that I don't care anything about the British Royal family makes me a _________ (fill in the blank), well, I can live with that.

We have a saying in America about making a mountain out of a molehill - something you just did.

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In case you hadn't noticed ....

by jardinier In reply to Why should I care about i ...

the discussion is about Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark.

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Monarchial thinking

by maxwell edison In reply to In case you hadn't notice ...

If my thinking so little of the British monarchy drew such ire from you, I can only imagine how you might react to the admission that I care even less about the Danish monarchy.

Cream filled Danish, maybe. (with coffee)

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by john_wills In reply to Why should I care about i ...

Most monarchies - I think all monarchies except the Arab ones - are democracies. Setting up a dictatorship in Fiji, as one example, involved abolishing the monarchy. For a long time dictatorship was almost the morm among American republics. I think we should care about that.

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