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Print Directory script

By Ben A ·
Hello all...

I downloaded the Print Directory vbs abd accompanying bat file found here today, but I have to confess I'm not real clear how to use this.

I downloaded the zip file to a particular directory on my file system that has no assoicated sub-directories. When I run the batch file all I get is a print-out of the 2 files contained in the "working" directory.

How can I get this process to run through ALL my directories, beginning with "root" ("C" in this case? Also, how can I modify the vb so that it does not print nor quit Excel? I would rather it just leave the Excel window active so I can refer to it, save it, print it, etc.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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try this instead

by wordworker In reply to Print Directory script

I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted either.

I used dir *.* /s > target.txt

to capture in target.txt all all files in all directories and subs. You may want to add /b if you want just the 'basic' info returned by DIR. Then you can open target.txt in Excel and the text-to-columns wizard will let you parse it the way you want it.

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