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    Print Spooler Problems


    by laserbiz@yahoo,com ·

    I am having a problem with the print spooler service not starting in XP home. As a result the 3 printers that I have been using no longer appear in the printers section of printers and fax. I tried reinstalling the printers but when I click on add aprinter I get an error “Operation could not be completed” This happens 1/2 second after I click on add a new printer.
    I traced the problem to the print spooler not starting. I have tried starting it manually and it errors out. “Could not start print spooler service on Local Computer. Error 1059: Circular service dependency was specified” I have tried numerous reboots, restore points and removing printers as per MSKB 324757. Still I have no luck.
    I did notice that when I look at the print spooler in the services tab of MSCONFIG, it is listed as unknown in the manufacturers column. I checked on other computers and they list print spooler as a MS product.
    MY QUESTION: Is there a way to remove this Unknown print spooler and replace it with what i think would be the correct one from Microsoft. I am hoping this is possible with out having to reformat and reinstall XP!

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      A FACT

      by areets ·

      In reply to Print Spooler Problems

      In every honesty, I cannot fully support if I am unaware of potential applications and network resources that can impact your infrastructure?s weak point/s. How many support companies you know that have your support intact, for reasons that as the turbulences in this industry?s employment market, does not coincide with effectiveness and efficiency in the work place. Wait, we cannot continue like this.

      We are doing it the wrong way. If not, then I invite you discuss why, where are we going and how do we get there? I can hold my own, what about you?

      Since, no one can employ me here in Belgium, then I will clearly challenge the professionals to counter discuss what I write in order to show the world that we are taking the wrong route for technology in society and it can be changed very positively and lucrative but we must be open minded and objective.

      I beg of you to analyse my text on TR. Once again it is the puzzle that can apply a harmonized environment of the technology benefits it has brought, induce integrity with a common ground with uniqueness and the market can still remain competitive. You may laugh, but it could all be much more cheerful at your desks?.

      As you would have noted, along your career, the industry has somewhat convinced itself that technology infrastructure and support to be parallel to no other BUT the company. Why are we focused on client ? retention ?, the ? classical style ? and not being S.M.A.R.T.


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