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Printer Problem

By douglashead ·
Ok working in Win2003 environment, with XP Machines. There is one machine in question, a laptop. At user logon to the domain a script is run which maps network drives etc. and a number of printers. This laptop however when it runs the script it is able to do everything except connect to the printers. I can see the printers if I connect to the server, and I can double click and "install" them however I get the unable to access unauthorised in the title bar of the print queue. Looking in Event Viewer, under the system there are about 10 or so Warnings for the printer but they just say that they've installed the drivers. Any ideas or suggestions would be great

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The first four things I can think of are

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Printer Problem

1. check the user's account permissions re those devices - they may have accidentally dropped off.

2. check the user's accounts security policies.

3. check that the laptop has the proper printer drivers on it, some systems will not allow you to print across the network unless you have the printer drivers for that printer on the PC originating the print job.

4. check the laptops security policy settings.

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by douglashead In reply to The first four things I c ...

Thanks, I'll check security settings, although the printers used to be connected, but its apparently been through a bit including coming off and going back onto the domain without permission, so the user may have deleted something he shouldn't have...and yes the laptops are locked down as best we can...they need local admin for one of their programs.

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Was the word privileges misspelled?

by bshaffer In reply to cheers

I've recently started getting the same sort of messages with Citrix clients and trying to add in a new driver to Citrix that the users have installed locally as well. In this case the pop-up warning had the word "privileges" spelled as "priveleges" which made me sit up and take notice from a security standpoint. The person it is happening to is a domain admin on AD and the boxes are XP SP1 and SP2. I tried to google the misspelled word, lots of people seem to think that the word is spelled priveleges.
Rights are all correct as near a we can determine. (DA = local admin as well in this case). If anyone has an explanation or solution, I'd love to hear it.

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No Problem

by douglashead In reply to Printer Problem

ok, laptop got reformated today and had everything put back how it should be.

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by bpe In reply to No Problem

I have seen occurences of printer problems when workstation time/date is not synched with the domain controller on a network.....

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