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Printer's Won't Stop!

By InletGroveHS ·
Have any of you experienced the problem with HP Printers when they start to print page after page of ASCII characters until they are shutdown for a few minutes along with the computer it is attached to? We have several printers that do this on varying operating systems. Any idea what is causing this or how it can be stopped?

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clarify please

by mrafrohead In reply to Printer's Won't Stop!

when this is happening, is it just printing a single line of rubbish on the page at the top???

If that is what is happening, your network is now infected with a virus.

Go here: ------>

Download the fix there and follow the instructions and that should fix your problem.

Though if you are not having the problem that I described above it will probably be something else that is wrong. But I am 99% sure that you are dealing with BugBear...


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Wrong Printer Driver?

by jkaras In reply to Printer's Won't Stop!

Either that or are they printing a whole page of garbage text? If so the person sending the print job could be selecting the wrong printer driver.

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by davecarriecori In reply to Printer's Won't Stop!


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It was a driver issue for us

by TomSal In reply to Printer's Won't Stop!

First, know that this isn't an *HP* printer issue, this is a printer issue in general. It can happen on any brand printer - I've experienced it on Canons, Epsons, Lexmarks and most frequently our 3 b&w 40ppm Lanier 5645's.

It is a printer driverissue (at least it was for us).

We had some users sending print jobs with a PostScript driver to a printer configured for PCL printing.

When we installed the proper drivers, the problem went away.

Also, I learned a second reason that will cause this -- simple a corrupt print job/or a massive job that exceeds available memory dump space in the printer spooler.

The latter was told me over the phone from a Lanier tech support rep.

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I didn't know my spreadsheet had 4080

by admin In reply to It was a driver issue for ...

pages...! hehehee yep, a too big job will do it even in a good system :)

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A Noob excel user

by TomSal In reply to I didn't know my spreadsh ...

Newbie excel users often print a spreadsheet that is hundreds or even thousands of pages I tell them the concept of defining a print area, instead of printing thousands of blank rows and columns with their whopping 6 row , 3 columnsof real data.


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Update on Problem

by InletGroveHS In reply to Printer's Won't Stop!

I don't believe it is being caused by a virus, since it only does it occasionally (or is that what the virus does?). However I will give that a try.

I don't believe it to be a driver issue either (unless there is a lone computer out their that someone else has setup these printers on). There is more than one printer having this problem (but not many).

Install new ink / toner cartridges? Do you think that is the problem? It is occurring with both DeskJets and LaserJets.

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Spooler file space.

by Joanne Lowery In reply to Update on Problem

My immediate thought was that this could be a virus, but the problem would occur on all of your printers in a random process. Bugbear looks for shares in a network and can be a pain to remove since you need to make all devices stand alone and then clean them all before reconnecting the network.
However, a previous comment mentioned the available file space to create the spool. Have you checked the free space on the partition where your printer spool is created? If you are unsure where the spool is created, open the printers folder, then select "server properties". You will see a tab which specifies the printer spool location. If you are seriously short of space you can relocate the spool onto a partition with more available space. Note that this requires a reboot though.

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Not exactly.

by mrafrohead In reply to Spooler file space.

It won't do it to all of the printers. It will do it to all of the printers that the infected users have access to.

And I don't mean installed printers. But all printers in their node that they potentially have access to connect to. Any other printers that they do not have access to will not be infected.


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I bet your wrong

by madroxxx In reply to Update on Problem

The Bugbear Virus behaves just like that.

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