Printing Graphs in Excel 2007

By goalie2 ·

When trying to print a graph setup by one of our managers here the bar chart within the grap prints but does not print the border around each of the chart. When I do a print preview it shows up fine. We are using Excel 2007 and printing to hp business inkjet 1100.

If I print to same printer using excel 2003 it works fine. I have noticed when I try to print some other borders etc from office 2007 they do not show up in the printed version.

I know there is some setting somewhere I am missing but I just cannot see it. Please help!

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This is a common problem

by robo_dev In reply to Printing Graphs in Excel ...

Note that sometimes in Office, table borders are actually not borders, but are gridlines, and if you don't have 'print gridlines' selected, then gridlines don't print.

But there is also a bug in excel 07, methinks:

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Not fixed

by goalie2 In reply to This is a common problem

Thanks robo_dev but had tried the option before and it doesn't make any difference. Looked at the threads in the link but nothing there. Any other ideas?

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Well years ago...

by robo_dev In reply to Not fixed

When we had a similar problem, we found that using the Microsoft printer driver versus the HP printer driver made a difference. The issue in that case was a complex color palette issue.

Also, I would try saving the documents in Excel 2003 format, or even an older format.

To determine whether it's really a print driver issue, I would suggest outputting it to a file, such as by using adobe acrobat distiller or primopdf. This might help to determine if it's a print driver issue or not.

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Tried that

by goalie2 In reply to Well years ago...

The file was already saved as excel 97-2003 format.

I outputted it to a file using primopdf which is a great app and when I open the file in Adobe 8 reader it shows up perfect.

When I printed the file from another pc running vista and office 2007 to the smae printer it printed fine.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling office2007. Installed office 2003 but it wouldn't print in colour, wouldn't print the graphs but would print the borders!

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by ComputerCookie In reply to Tried that

wrong printer!!!

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by goalie2 In reply to Sorry
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by goalie2 In reply to ??

I am able to print this document off correctly on any other printer except the hp business inkjet 1100 so to me the problem regards the HP vs Microsft drivers issue is the problem.

As I said yesterday when I ran the primopdf the file showed up correctly in adobe. What next did ye try when ye had the same problem?

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