Printing through VPN with Remote Desktop-Local Printer Not on Remote PC

By leesimpson ·
I am trying to print to my local printer while logged in remotely to my work computer. I have a networked HP3600n printer for my local printer. I have already installed an HP 3600n on my work computer. I cannot see my local HP3600n while remotely connected. Both my local and host computer are Win XP Pro. I have searched many replies on this and other forums, but none have resolved my issue. I would be grateful for a resolution!

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Printing through VPN with Remote Desktop-Local Printer Not on Remote PC

by jlouis45 In reply to Printing through VPN with ...

1. check the computer where the local printer is connected and share the computer and your local printer.
2. Remotely login and try to search the computer and you should be able to see the printer.
3. Double click on the printer and install the driver while you are on the remote connection.
4. Try to print
5. Also check for VPN settings whether it is authorized for file print sharing
These are some of the check points. HOpe it works.

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VPN and print with XP

by gfpstudios In reply to Printing through VPN with ...

You must first install the printers on your work computer. Then you can access them from your home computer via Remote/VPN. I have done this. It is a pain and not straightforward at first and it may take several trys. First install the drivers and lie to the work computer telling it you have not turned on the printer but will later. After you get the drivers available on the work computer then you need to tell it where to find the printers on your home machine. the printer install program may take some time to find them but will eventually. Good luck.

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