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Problem in Downloading

By Guru Kumar ·
I have the problem during downloading some of the downloads in the Download section.

It is asking for FTP login & password.
What should i do?
My system does not support FTP service?


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Modem... Full Speed Ahead

by TweakyTerrase In reply to Problem in Downloading

Well, the facts is I am going to need more info about your system... Here we go.

Tell me what your computer is... I have a felling it is an intel based computer running some of the devils(billy's) software, but one can never assume anything.
Are you talking about the download section in tech republic or some other site and what browser are you using...

Are you at home using a modem, or at work where there might be some firewall ( internet site blocking) technology in use.

At first guessing, I am inclined to say that there is problem with your browser. Most downloades are automaticly performed. You browser should ask you whether to save the file or open it, but somehow you are receiveing your download via FTP. As for your question, all modern computer support FTP.

However, lets approach the plain old ftp. When it asks you for a user name and password, do the following. Since most FTP are public (free and open) use the anomysis (or however it is spelled) login and your e-mail address as your password. If the FTP is public, this should get you through the login window and into the download section.

Anouther Quick fix is to just reinstall your browser.

Hope this helps

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