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By meiroc ·
I am using excel as a database and then word as a template to generate reports. I know the best would be to use access and I know how solve it there but the people I work with wants it in excel and word so there we go:
I have calculated formula in one cell which comes from another excel file (which by the way is a shared file).
The data in the cell is text and may habe between 100 characters and 5000 characters.
This cell becomes the the INFO field in word.
I have a similar field with a SHORT DESCRIPTION(no more than 200 characters)
When I merge the doc with the database the SHORT DESCRIPTION works fine but the the INFO field doest. Instead of the info I get "0's".

What bothers me most is that when I first tried it it worked fine with more than 1000 characters so I believe it is not a problem of the size of the cell.
I tried changing the format of the cells in excel but that doesnt change anything.
I made all excel files for exclusive access in case there was a problem with that and nothing changed.
I also tried opening the files and not updating but as the word doc opens it in exclusive mode I can not tell if this is part of the reason.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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