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Problems with office theft

By ITgirli ·
What has been stolen from your office? My boss and I share a cube. When we left work on friday, we had two PCs sitting next to a cabinet. Beside them was a box of trash. We put a sign that said "trash" on the box and a sign that said "not trash" on the PCs. Monday morning we went looking for the PCs. We couldn't find them anywhere. The only person in over the weekend that we have record of was the cleaning lady, and at 60-something years old, I don't think she's going to have the strength to toss them. We're pretty sure that she didn't touch them. So where did these 2 brand new PCs go? Has anyone else had such a problem? What was done about it?

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little theft

by Techno2005 In reply to Problems with office thef ...

It was just two little machines, not even servers, so what is all the fuss about?

OK, OK, Now you know the territory there is unsafe, next time rely on iron cables to tie down equipment to the fattest column nearby, place invisible marks to identify recovered property, like chemical tags, and some nice video surveillance cameras on sensitive areas, to have some video to share on those ?caught on video? shows...

I don?t know if there is still something to do about those missing machines, so at least leave the hardware passwords written on a piece of paper in the box of trash, in case she needs to access them?

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are you serious?

by ITgirli In reply to little theft

What's the fuss about? our budget. IT doesn't always get the biggest budget and we needed those. And , duh, we don't have a budget to chain them to the desks with those little chains the banks use for their pens.

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it was a joke

by Techno2005 In reply to are you serious?

No I wasn't serious, just a joke to aleviate the crisis, the machines are missing and a lesson must be learned.
Despite if recovery of machines is viable, from now on that property must be handled in a more distrustive way. Sad but true. So as I said before, now you know the kind of territory you are, and the kind of security you will be requiring from now on.
At the end which loss was more valuable? the machines or the data they contained. The latter can be assured with a backup plan enterprisewide. Only on this kind of crisis, we lwarn what must be done.

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no data.

by ITgirli In reply to it was a joke

brand new. out of the box. nothing loaded. blank.

sorry, I'm normally a very funny person, but I'm not amused by theft. kind of funny looking back on it. but not very.

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I once had my PalmPilot stolen right off my desk

by Why Me Worry? In reply to are you serious?

I stepped away for 2 minutes, only to come back and find my PalmPilot no longer in the cradle. Luckily, the company was nice enough to reimburse me for a new PalmPilot, but they eventually caught who it was and had him prosecuted. It was some new punk *** kid they hired to work the mailroom. It's funny but before him, nothing was ever stolen from anyone. When he started, we had laptops, cellphones, PDAs', blackberries, etc being stolen from both IT staff and attorneys in our firm. Anyhow, people have learned to lock up their stuff now and not take anything for granted. I sure learned a good lesson as to having a false sense of security.

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Maybe super glue

by TonytheTiger In reply to are you serious?

will hold them in place :)

Or drill a hole through the bottom, and a corresponding hold in the desk, open the case and put a big bolt through everything.

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by IT_Lobo In reply to Problems with office thef ...

You may want to contact the police on this matter since the total value is over $1000 (I am assuming since they are brand new).

We had a projector stolen at the school I worked at and we ended up finding it for sale on eBay. We contacted the police and they purchased the project and setup a sting. The turd was arrested and we recovered the projector.

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by ITgirli In reply to Police

That could be a possibility. Thanks for the help. I don't know if I would involve the police, but I could definitely check ebay and local pawn shops. thanks.

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Get the cops involved ASAP

by jdclyde In reply to hmm....

Even if you don't get these systems back, the insider who is your theif will know that this will be too hot an area to try again. If they can feel like they can just walk off and no one will do anything it will happen again.

Also, with a police report you can turn this in to insurance and maybe get them replaced.

Any time there is something of that much value just walking off I would take it very seriously. Then when the police show up, watch for who looks nervious. Also make it known that if someone "accidentally" moved the two systems, you would apreciate if they would be returned. Gives an out if they know it will be dropped if the equipment is returned.

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I'll let my boss know

by ITgirli In reply to Get the cops involved ASA ...

But I don't think she'll want to do anything about it. She's rather passive.

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