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Psst! I've been talking about you...

By oneamazingwriter ·

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Cool blog

by jardinier In reply to Psst! I've been talking a ...

Cool person.

I am notorious for starting religious discussions at TR, and no-one enjoys them more than one of our resident atheists, Neil.

I have a doozy up my sleeve, and will probably not be able to restrain myself for much longer from posting it. Stay tuned.


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I've noticed! ;\

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Cool blog

You'll find that I step back in religious discussions, Jules, but I will "read along". I'm a high spirited personality who believes in people being true to themselves. Whatever religion or lack of religion a person espouses is a matter of exercising free will. As long as that exercise does not adversely affect me or "mine" I listen to see what good can be gleaned from any conversation.
Thanks for the "cool". This far that adjective applies to any post I have seen here on TR. What a bunch of outspoken personalities! I feel as ET did when the ship was arriving to bring him home!

edited: of course! There's a "u" in espouses, isn't there?

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by jardinier In reply to I've noticed! ;\

Not always. When someone attacks the character of the poster rather than the content of the post, this is known as "flaming."

It makes for a good spectator sport, but can get very nasty if your emotions take over and you get involved. I am sure you are not the type of person who would succumb to this, but after more than three years participation in discussions, I am still susceptible to getting carried away now and then.

By the way, after reading your blog, here is a poem just for you:

God is love, God is all
All is love, all is well

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A quote for YOU, Jules

by neilb@uk In reply to Cool?

I'm watching a Doctor Who episode - "Life is easy - a quirk of matter. Life is just Nature's way of keeping meat fresh"

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oohhhh I LIKE that....

by Jaqui In reply to A quote for YOU, Jules

"Life is easy - a quirk of matter. Life is just Nature's way of keeping meat fresh"

I know a few vegetarians I can get going with that. ]:)

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by apotheon In reply to oohhhh I LIKE that....

If we're not supposed to eat vegetarians, why are they made out of meat?

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I have no idea..

by Jaqui In reply to Vegetarians?

but the law takes a dim view of eating vegetarians for some reason.
lower on the food chain = food.
that's my rule.

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keeping meat fresh?

by jardinier In reply to A quote for YOU, Jules

How can that be if I emit an unpleasant odour if I don't shower every day?

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It isn't very original. I can't remember the origin but.................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to A quote for YOU, Jules

I first heard it while at university and made a note of it. It was worded slightly differently,

Life is but a mere quirk of matter; just Nature's way of keeping the meat fresh.

Essentially the same but a trifle more pointed. I just wish I could remember the name of the author.

Dawg ]:)

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Cool?

I keep in mind that they are only words on a screen, and I am free to disengage at any time. I don't have to agree with everyone to learn from another's point of view, even if all I can learn at the time is to not feed into negativity. Criticism can be helpful. I weigh it out. If I can find truth in it, I mull it over. If it doesn't appear to be true, I allow it to tell me about an area in the one criticising. We ALL go through growing pains.
While flame wars may not be fun, they may help some participants to vent frustration in a manner that will allow them to continue on at their jobs.
The stresses I have had thus far in life have not been the same as those of you working in the tech field. Any of us involve our emotions in whatever has deep meaning for us as individuals.
I'm a red head, Jules. I can be as heated as anyone you know. I'm simply an OLD red head and have had some time to allow intellect to rule over emotion. I strive to be childlike rather than childish. Some days I actually make it!
Thank you for your poem. The sentiment is lovely. I could debate the theology of it with you away from TR.

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