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    by maxwell edison ·

    Okay, it seems that we’re on a Q&A tangent; there have been a couple of discussions started recently about it; and, I suppose, I’ve been spending a little more time in the Q&A, and I’m noticing some things.

    Rating and recognizing the members answering the questions, however they’re rated, is great (and open to further discussion). But I’ve thought for a long time that you should also rate the people ASKING the questions – the acceptance rate, either by total answers accepted/rejected or questions with any answers accepted.

    If, for example, a person has received 100 answere to various questions, and only one (or none) were accepted, that person would score very low, only 1 (or zero) percent. On the other hand, if that same person would have accepted all of them, he would be rated at 100 percent. So somehow rate the person asking the question.

    Using ebay as an example, both the buyers and the sellers have ratings as well as buyer/seller comments that can be reviewed. If a person asks a question that might take a little time and/or research to answer, I think we need to know if that person is prone, based on past history, to reject most or all answers.

    I’ll bet a dollar to dirt that the following guy will reject ALL answers provided to this question:

    His previous questions (some, not all):

    Out of those 4 question, 5 answers were provided, and all of them were rejected. And in my opinion, they could have – or should have – ALL been accepted. They were perfectly acceptable answers.

    This guy would probably have an “answer accepted” rating of around 10 percent or less. Some people would be zero percent. Contrast that with my “answer accepted” rating, which might be 99 percent. (The only answers I’ve ever rejected were from a guy or two that really pissed me off.)

    Moreover, you might want to rate a member according to the points awarded. Again, in my case, I’ll bet I’ve given away over 200,000 points. And many other people are generous with their points as well.

    In short, recognize a members:

    1. Contribution Factor (like you do now).
    2. Generosity Factor (points given away).
    3. Appreciation Factor (percentage of accepted/rejected)

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