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Q&A top scorers

By Cactus Pete ·
WOW! Is it just me?

I made the top of the list of top scorers. It seems that with all the changes around here. my 4.2M points ALL count, not just those gained from the Q&A section.

Or is TR giving everyone a day in the limelight?

Heh, or does everyone see themselves at the top?

Am I awake?

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...and to clarify

by Cactus Pete In reply to Q&A top scorers

I mentioned this because I feel that I don't belong at the top of that list.

No, if you had daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and overall scoring stats, THAT would be cool.

But I don't belong at the top of all-time high scorers in the Q&A section. I just have the most total points for the entire TR site.

I hope someone will restore the true leaders to their rightful positions.

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Cool - You're da' man

by maxwell edison In reply to Q&A top scorers

I was parked on the top of the list for about a year before I pretty much quit answering questions on a regular basis. (Because of the time I waste on this stupid discussion forum - okay, the forum's not stupid, just some of the discussions I get myself into.) After that, dklippert passed me like I was standing still. (Wait, I was standing still.) Then came Joseph Moore and TheChas. I think Anna disappeared (perhaps because her "creative answering" methods were finally revealed), and I have been anxiously waiting to see who overtook her as number five on the list.

When I first started visiting TR, PWright@something (Paul Wright) was at the top of the list, and he was "the man" to go to. I wonder what happened to him? SyscoKid was another on the list, along with soulrider (who spent a short time at the top), before he changed his handle. There were a couple of others, but I can't recall the handles.

I've always thought that they should have another list for the top 5 point awarders. I think I'd be at the top of that list, at least I'd probably be on the list, as I've given away almost all of my points, at least as it relates to the total number of points I've earned. (I've asked quite a few 10,000 - 50,000 point questions - some just for fun.)

dpetrak, are you sure the new list reflects total points earned (by means other than answering Q&A), and it is not just the latest in a series of "glitches"?

If it is legit, enjoy your time in the limelight! (Although it's not worth a thing.)

By the way, the guy at the top has to buy the beer.

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I'm buyin!

by Cactus Pete In reply to Cool - You're da' man

If we're paying with points... I suppose I can afford to buy. At least they'd get some value!

Don't forget, I'm the DD, so it's on me.

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Great point

by Oz_Media In reply to Cool - You're da' man

I see only one flaw to offering a highest points allocated list, they would be the same people at the top of both lists.

The guy with 500K points can offer 100,000 for a simple question.
The guy with 5K points will not be able to live up to it, and therefore both lists Top scorer and Top awarder could easily be manipulated by the top scorers to have them in both top 5 lists.

Did that make any sense? It was almost a tongue twister.

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I don't think so

by maxwell edison In reply to Great point

The top Q&A guy, dklippert, hasn't asked a single question, at least not the last time I looked. So while he would be at the top of one list, he wouldn't even make the other. I don't think Anna has asked a question either? (I wonder what they're "saving" the points for.) TheChas is pretty generous throwing points around (I missed the veterans question), as is Joseph Moore (I think).

Anyway, the suggestion was really no more than just a passing thought, something I doubt they'd ever do. And one of the reasons they probably wouldn't do is the one you articulated. People would be throwing around points left and right just to get on the list........on second thought, that might be kinda' fun. A "points war", kinda like the "gas wars" of the 60s in reverse.

Gee, who remembers those signs "GAS WAR" at the filling stations? And they'd do a full service for a quarter a gallon!

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Heh, I don't remember the 60s...

by Cactus Pete In reply to I don't think so

But the points war sounds fun. We need some parameters, or should it just be Texas Hold'em?

10k buyin for my table. Hmm, make that 30k.

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Texas Hold'em? - Great Idea

by maxwell edison In reply to Heh, I don't remember the ...

The World Series of Poker is held at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.

We could have a World Series of Q&A at the water cooler in TechRepublic forums.

You have a great advantage, however, if we're playing "table stakes". You've got all the chips!

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Texas Hold'em? - Great Id ...

OK, I'll limit everyone at the table to using only their buyin points - even me.

Maybe TR can work out a deal with to get a 'fake money' table set up for just TR members? We can put some of our virtual points to use there, perhaps.

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Points Poker ! ! ! !

by maxwell edison In reply to Nuts

I love the idea. Sign me up.

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OK you're not a snob

by Oz_Media In reply to Nuts

Deal me in. ;-)

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