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By humph ·
The subject program showed up last night at shutdown. Can someone tell me what it is?

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by cristelnet1 In reply to QTSTIMER

Ditto - anyone know?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to QTSTIMER

It does not seem to be any commonly used program. You should do a full scan for viruses and spyware with the latest definitions.

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by cristelnet1 In reply to QTSTIMER

Full scan with latest Spy Sweeper using latest defs turned up nothing. Also, there haven't been any out of the ordinary alerts from Zone Alarm of any unknown apps attempting internet access. I'm wondering if it has something to do with Quicktime but I haven't found any file specifically named QTSTimer on my c drive.

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by alexistheman In reply to QTSTIMER

I'm having the same problem. System was running slow so I rebooted, took way longer than normal and I had to manually end the app "qtstimer". Googled QTstimer and came up with this post and not much else. I also upgraded all spyware def's and found nothing related.

I did however find this program in a student at Oregon State Universities account that looks like a malicious loop:

I was only able to view that file using googles "view as html" function, otherwise it is password protected. Now I can't seem to get back into it, but from what I saw (and I dont know much about programming) it looked like a processor intensive quicktime loop script?

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by mijcar In reply to QTSTIMER

Similar problem. I visited a friendly blog site. The site displayed what appeared to be a quicktime movie. The host is a novice and I don't know where she grabbed the "movie."

When I clicked on the play button, nothing happened. It was a picture, not a movie. I clicked a couple more times and dragged the slider to see if it would have any impact. Nothing happened. After the visit, I closed the site, closed the window.

Some time later, I started to shut down the computer. I got the Win XP Pro display that shutdown could not close QTSTimer. I got the usual option: shut down manually or cancel the shutddown.

I took the cancel option because I wanted to know what this new resident program was.

At this point, I realized that shutdown may already have closed the AV and Firewall programs (at least the icons were gone from the display area). I reloaded both these programs for safety sake, but by the time they loaded (the computer was extremely sluggish), a couple of minutes had elapsed -- enough time to upload a lot of material--fortunately, I keep nothing valuable on the machine, but still ...

I did a disk search and found no QTSTimer onboard. Everything was still extremely slow and I was being to get concerned so instead of shutting down I did an instant power off. I rebooted and the computer seemed clean, but I used system restore to move to an earlier point.

It could be that QTSTimer is an XML loaded program pushed by Quicktime, and that my successive clicks on the "movie" followed by closing the windows resulted in a "memory jam". However, I visited the Quicktime site and did a search for QTSTimer and found nothing.

Any ideas out there?

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by 1101doc In reply to QTSTIMER


Above is as close as I could find.
QuickTime entry in my Opera Plug-ins file.
No appearance in Firefox. Referenced here:

No problem on my machine so far--maybe because I use Opera and not a less standards compliant browser?


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by In reply to QTSTIMER

This QTSTIMER appeared in the same manner on my Win2000 PC after I installed the last version of QuickTime (7.1.6) that was made for Windows 2000. I Googled, with no help. Then I searched all file and folder names on my PC - no results. Then I searched for all files and folders containing text "QTSTIMER" and found it existed in the files C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\user.dmp (probably because of the end task I did to shut down when QTSTIMER appeared); and finally, the probable culprit: C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\QuickTimeStreaming.qtx . I think I will simply rename the extention to .qtxBAK and see what happens.

Hope this helps!

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