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    Question about Motherboard or power supply


    by sandman28 ·


    My mum and dads comp last week was randomly shutting down while running windows, after not being able to fix i call it quits and took it into a computer shop for diagnosis. They told me i had one buggered Ram stick and bulging capacitors on my motherboard, great. Bought a used similar motherboard of ebay cheaply and am now having troubles. With the old power supply (the one the old motherboard ran off 300w) everythign was plugged in and once you switched it on at the back of the pc the mouse and motherboard power light wouldnt light up and a high pitched continuous noise emitted from the machine, after reading forums I replaced this power supply with an old one i have (450w) with interesting results. Now when i switch the power switch at the back of the computer I have the mouse light come on and the onboard power light comes on, the cpu fan doesnt spin (just like with old PSU), and when i try to press the power button nothing boots up. Can anyone give me pointers from here, im tempted to take it into the computer shop and say you deal with it, but i would prefer to save my folks their money.

    System Specs
    2*256mg DDR Ram
    120gb Seagate HDD
    Asus P4PE ( 2.8ghz pent 4)
    Radeon x800 MSI Video Card

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      by sandman28 ·

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      Another bad mobo

      by clbuck29 ·

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      More than likely the motherboard you purchased is bad also, your best option is to buy a new motherboard either from the manufacturer or a reputable shop.

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        Is there any tests?

        by sandman28 ·

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        Is there anyway of testing to see if motherboard is broken, i really hope it isnt. Cheers

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          I think you’ve already given it the best test there is…

          by older mycroft ·

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          You’ve used it – and it seems to not work.

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          Yes there are…

          by dawgit ·

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          Several ways to test mainboards, diagnosis cards ect. However the cost of all that might be more than a new mainboard. For you Old Mycroft is right in what has advised. As for the ‘used’ mainboard, sometimes you get lucky, but since they were used, most will come with problems. (Could even have been from the handling just getting to you) -d

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          by sandman28 ·

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          Thanks for the help guys, i ran some checks with multimeter on all three PSUs i have tried all work fine, so yeh definitly motherboard. Cheers for fast replies, i know where to come with any other problems

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      Test with Power Supply tester then known good hardware

      by alpha-male ·

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      A good thing you may want to add to your tool box is a handheld power tester. These will check power for multiple different things (ie. ATX Power Supply, power for a floppy, HD, etc). You can use this to test the power supplies and make sure they are okay.

      If the power supply reads fine (or if you’re daring, lol)

      You can test the system with a known good motherboard, CPU and RAM. If it works fine, then you have to start isolating the components on the new system. Disconnect everything but the minimum (to remove anything unneccessary from the equation). By process of elimination you can determine what is wrong…

      Good luck – hope this helps.

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