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Question for TR editors!!

By Oz_Media ·
It is pretty nice that you've fixed the broken link issues with the hypertext url's, it's neat to see the ability to use emoticons (or whetever they are) on your discussion boards.

This works :-) and This works ;-) this doesn't work :-P

Are there others your board supports? Perhaps you could put them all in a thread so we can get full use of TR's new toys. :-)

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Answer from a TR Tech Producer

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Question for TR editors!!

As you have noticed, we've made some big changes to our Community. I won't bother with the details, but a huge update went out recently (in fact, the outage from a little over a week ago was caused by failed deploy of said update). We are currently testing features out and stamping out bugs as we see them.

I just spoke with the Trivia Geek and he says that an announcement is planned once the bugs have been tidied up. I will ask him nicely to include a list of supported emoticons.

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Thanks for the info

by Oz_Media In reply to Answer from a TR Tech Pro ...

Despite major growing pains, it looks as if TR is coming back together again. I can't wait to see these new improvements applied, don't forget to fix the painful issue of Tech Q&A misposted as Discussions, move or rename the links, it took a whole 2 minutes to rebuild when i downloaded you style sheet and would save MANY a lot of frustration.

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We're trying to fight the good fight

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Thanks for the info

We've been listening all along, but until recently, we (the staff) didn't feel empowered to really do much about it. A couple of months ago we had some internal training that left the staff feeling like we *did* have a "say", so several of us "spoke up".

In a nutshell, I think that better decisions are being made at TR. I've worked with several groups recently to tackle many problems across the site, both minor and major. We've rolled out some small changes and have some bigger ideas planned.

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