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By dawgit ·
Ok, for you folks at TR, Why is it that when I try to post a comment to a TR Blog, it always tries to open a discussion in the discussions section? I just want to post a comment, not start a new thread. so.... how can I do that? Shouldn't there be choice box there (Would be nice) so we can decide if we want our point to be the start of a new Discussion or just aa comment to the Blog. no? -dawgit

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Which blogs are you talking about?

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Question here...

We actually have a couple different blog implementations at present. Specifically, which blogs and blog posts are you talking about, and when did this happen?

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by dawgit In reply to Which blogs are you talki ...

the last one was George Ou, (but I think also with Sonja Thompson's blog, but now not sure.) I just wanted to post a comment to his blog, (on Sat. the 23rd, I think, Germany time frame) not start a 'New String' on the discussions. And yes, I have noticed that there are different paths for different blogs. How are we out here to know what's what on which? (not a complaint, mind you) I just wish, there could be way to add as a 'New String' in Discussions, or, just a point, comment to the blog. (or both) I think that's then a suggestion. (no?) Thanks for looking into it. -dawgit

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That's what I thought.

by stress junkie In reply to Specifics

When I read your post the first thing that I thought of was George Ou's blog. I don't work for TR so I'm just guessing, but I think that when you post to a TR staff member's blog it automatically turns into a discussion thread. Comments to TR members' blogs just stay where they are. In other words, it's a feature.

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You're right, Stress Junkie

by debuggist Staff In reply to That's what I thought.

George's blog is implemented differently than the member blogs. It's more like an article which can have a discussion attached to it.

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Is that because....

by dawgit In reply to You're right, Stress Junk ...

He refuses to use an AV? Gee, does that mean I'm a bug now? :0 (I'm so hurt George, so teribley hurt, oh the pain :_| )

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