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Question of how much to charge

By Oz_Media ·
I was recently asked to complete a presentation (Power Point) for a client.

All written copy (heading and a few bullets per slide) was provided.

Photo's although improperly sized were also provided.

STRICT outline as to how the intro, main slides and closing slides would look, VERY detailed description of template design.

So it was a matter of following instructions as the client had requested, or his ad agency had because I was subbed by the ad/copy agency.

A dozen slides originally and just a few added later. Bottom border graphic throughout (that had to be converted and manipulated from an embedded and layered PDF image), small photo on each page and cut and paste provided copy.
There were a few adjustments, some other unrelated issues and some PC support help needed for the owners but all in all, it was a straight forward, follow the instructions, building task.

What would YOU charge for such a monster, or what would you DEEM the norm.

I won't say what I quoted, I won't say what I received, but I am curios as to what other developers would be expecting to charge or pay for this.

Just curios, and it is strictly for my own knowledge.

NOTE: US comments welcome as well as others, I just need to get a general idea of how high/low I was as there will be another very similar, yet larger, project soming up soon.


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my take

by apotheon In reply to Question of how much to c ...

I'd probably charge anywhere between $50/hr and $100/hr, in USD. If I was charging on the low end of that, I'd probably tack on some kind of $100 premium for the aggravation of having to work with PowerPoint.

Then again, PowerPoint presentations aren't my main line of work.

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That was the hard part

by Oz_Media In reply to my take

'HOURS' wasn't exactly easy to define,in fact I really wouldn't have a clue. But even as a guesstimate I am in that range.

I charged on a per slide basis or a flat job rate (which was slightly lower but still to my advantage).

Power Point, to me, is the most basic and simple design out there. I inf it has many limitations but they also create simplicity as limited to the software.

I based my quote on a per page design as if building a site, and a setup and design cost.

Thanks for the input, seems I wasn't too far off anyway.

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More info

by dwdino In reply to my take

1) Company size/budget (free market "what the market will bear")
2) Expected time vs. total time
3) Hourly or Package
4) Customizing work (images, frames, etc)

Hard to ballpark without more intracate knowledge.

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Thought I included most of that

by Oz_Media In reply to More info

Time was sporadic and a lot of it was discussed at a bar.

Company size, massive, multi-billion. Market change, few hundred million plus it is publicly traded and that is where the presentation relates.


Read the description of the project, copy provided, detailed description of simple slide template etc. A dozen frames with a few more added.

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Rethinking my line of work...

by Jessie In reply to my take

DAMN!!! For a basically, "follow these instructions," powerpoint presentation that, truth be told, most secretaries/receptionists around here do in their "spare time," approximately 50-100/hr is a HECKUVA lot of cash!!! I mean come on, they were'nt asking you to do a lot of creative thinking (which is where the big money comes in) just to connect the dots and follow the flow. Secretaries around here get maybe $10/hr US for doing that kind of stuff. Graphic designers might make $15/hr.

That's it. I'm moving to Canada!!

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Come on up anytime

by Oz_Media In reply to Rethinking my line of wor ...

Doors always open, and I have a fenced yard and plenty of fresh water for the gaggle of kids in tow.

Do I need to say that was all in fun?

or am I confusing you with Jaqui? I know one of you has a whole ball team full of kids.

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by Jessie In reply to Come on up anytime

Hehe... if I ever wander up that direction... it might be entertaining to meet for lunch or something, but I promise I wouldn't bring the gaggle and descend upon your home.

That's me... working on number 5. I'm SUCH a good little Catholic.

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by dafe2 In reply to Rethinking my line of wor ...
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Don't rush - Most Clerks in Canada do this as part of their job

by dafe2 In reply to Rethinking my line of wor ...

Do the same job every day for less money than your making :-)

Not sure why a so called IT professional would even bother doing this job..............or doing the honourable thing and ADVISING his client to take this very small presentation to a local copy center that would do a jab like that for about fifty bucks total.

Personally I get presentations done which sometimes involve video & 50 slides for a lot less funding.

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The honorable thing

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't rush - Most Clerks ...

I was asked to do a task as I was trusted to do it. They wouldn't take their work to some local copy shop anyway, the information is far too sensitive and they need to be in constant contact with the person working on it.

As for an IT professional doing this job, I am more of a grphic designer and promotional media developer than IT Professional by FAR. IT just got in the way of what I really do for a few years.

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