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Questions here need accountability!

By -Q-240248 ·
I know some of you who are regulars here can sympathize with me here: People who are posting questions are not closing them or even bothering to rate any of them. Now, I try to get here as often as I can, but this isn't my only place of visit. I'm here to keep up with everything and help out when I can, but none of our time here is well spent when the questioners are ignoring your answers or don't even bother to thank you with point awards. I

A complaint is no good without a solution, so mysolution is that this forum auto-send emails every day reminding questioners that they have an open question. This will also help us in figuring out which questions are STILL open (after months), and eliminate some "wasting time" answering questionsthat aren't even active. WHat do you think? Post a comment to the techrepublic people demanding accountability!


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Second the Motion

by T. E. Walker In reply to Questions here need accou ...

I'd give it 5 days from date of first answer before sending reminder e-mails, and have a time limit on how long an open question can remain active. After a certain amount of time, the question should be closed automatically by TR. I have seen another post which suggested 30 or 45 days. This seems reasonable. Might not be a bad idea to send one final warning email to the person who opened the question that their question will be closed by staff if they do not answer it themselves. Might also be a good idea to automatically award each person who took the time to answer the question with a nominal amount of points from the poster's account - say, 5 points - which would both help encourage the poster of the original question to have incentive to rate the answers themselves (in order not to lose points), and to encourage people to respond to questions. If the amount is nominal and fixed, it would hopefully not be too much extra work for the TR staff.

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Posting Replies

by Christine Muehling In reply to Second the Motion

I'm new to frequently here, um, frequently <G> but I do agree. I browse tech support pages constantly, which often gives me the answers to problems I can't answer with published sources.
I am often sorry there doesn't seem to be a solution to things because either the original poster didn't finalize, or the solution was conveyed privately.
I'll pay points! (Not that I have that many to offer!)

My ?.02

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by donq In reply to Questions here need accou ...

Looking over most responses I note the vast majority are not rated. That is unfair (Accepted or Rejected) to the individual taking the effort to help a contemporary.

I would propose TechRepublic award offered points and remove the asked questionautomatically when answers go unattended for more than 34-45 days! What would you suggest to incourage fair-play and/or user accountability?

If someone assigns more points than they own give him/her a negative balance and/or check availability before alloing the question to post?

BRAVO question but what can we do about the 326550 open points?

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by -Q-240248 In reply to AMEN!!!!!

I agree 100%. Couldn't have said it better myself. But I would say that after 15 days, drop off the open questions that have been 'inactive'. Clean it up! And award those points..

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by xdrfox7 In reply to Exactly!

I thought I was going to find Abrahams name in the tree !

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Situation addressed

by Joshua 57 In reply to Questions here need accou ...

One of the new features at TechRepublic addresses this issue. A rather complicated algorithm is in place but a close approximation would be to say a reminder is sent to the questions author 30 days after an answer is posted. If the author takes no action another reminder is sent after 30 days. If after another 30 days the question has still not received attention from the author it is closed and points are distributed evenly to those that provided answers. In summary: A reminder is sent at 30 days, another at 60 days and the question is closed at 90 days when points are distributed.

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by SyscoKid In reply to Situation addressed


Are you associated with Tech Republic, or is this something you've heard? If the former, please inform those in charge that those time frames are WAY too long. People post questions they want immediate help with. By 30 days they've either fixed it or given up. Fourteen days for reminders is more than enough.

And if this is true then chestnuts like "Need an old TechRepublic Article" will be dropping off soon, I hope.

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Two sides to every coin

by Joshua 57 In reply to Really??

There is a need to balance the interests of both side of the question. I personally believe the time line is too long but it doesn?t harm anyone. Old questions need to be closed and people need time to experiment with the answers that are provided. I think both sides will be served with this implementation.

I?m confident adjustments will be made if needed.

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by SyscoKid In reply to Two sides to every coin

Okely-dokely-do. But I'm still curious. Are you speaking officially?

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Speaking officially?

by Joshua 57 In reply to OK

I hesitate to say that I am speaking officially. However, I do work at TechRepublic. It?s a great place to work with at good product and a wonderful community.

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