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Quiz: How many know what SOHO means?

By rlebeck ·
I am the owner of a small business, and I use the term "SOHO" in my company's slogan. My best friend and business partner thinks that nobody knows what "SOHO" means -- I see it used in many places and therefore I believe that a lot more people knows that "SOHO" means "Small Office/Home Office" than my friend thinks. I'd like to know how many people here think that "SOHO" is fairly well known or not?

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I'm with your partner

by maxwell edison In reply to Quiz: How many know what ...

I'll admit that what it stood for didn't register with me at first glance. (And I did dwell on it for a few seconds before I read on.) After I read the rest of the message, however, I did recognize it as something I'd seen previously, but not before I actually read the rest of your message.

I guess that puts me in the "did not immediately recognize" column, and I've been in the IT industry, per se, for twenty years.

If it were my business, I wouldn't use the acronym, but rather spell it out. After all, you wouldn't want someone to mistakenly read your acronym as meaning something different....such as:

Safety and Occupational Health Office

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Self-Organizing Holarchic Open Systems

A satellite (not an acronym)

South of Houston Street in Manhattan (Think Warren Zevon - "Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain..." Ah-ooooo....)

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more Sohos

by john_wills In reply to I'm with your partner

Besides SoHo in Manhattan there is Soho in London, named after a hunting enthusiast's house itself named after a hunting cry. There is also a Soho in Birmingham, now more or less a little Punjab, named after an inn from which, I suppose, hunts were organized.

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I mixed my own Soho's

by maxwell edison In reply to more Sohos

I listed the New York Soho, but used the London Soho (Warren Zevon) as the illustration.

Silly me.

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by TheChas In reply to Quiz: How many know what ...

The use and knowledge of the term SOHO is limited to those who either are part of, or support the Small Office / Home Office industry.

If you speak the term SOHO in general conversations, most people will think that you are referring to the Soho section of London.

Just my personal opinion.


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Small Businesses

by ross.bale In reply to Limited

I have worked for a variety of independant resellers who sell to the small business market - in that context SOHO is well known - also quite a few manufacturers use it to describe their markets - having said that Cisco class a small business as 500 employees - so I suppose it's all relative at the end of the day.

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A very good point

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Small Businesses

Exactly what is a "Small Business?"

Dose it mean a singly computer being used by one person for business or a small {under 10} workstations running on a peer to peer network or maybe several hundred workstations running on different domains.

Any of the above examples would claim to be a small business though some are smaller than others but I've never really understood what the difference actually is as to me any business is a business and should be treated as such no matter just how many people work there as any IT problem adversely impacts upon that business to generate income and the more people who work there the greater the damage.


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by esrob3 In reply to Quiz: How many know what ...

The only time I've ever encountered Soho before reading your post was as a district in the city of London, England. I double checked the dictionary, and found that it also refers to a district in Manhattan. Never ran into SOHO (the acronym) before today.

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I have to agree...

by mlayton In reply to Quiz: How many know what ...

...with a lot of posters here. Before actually working in a small office, and being from just up the MetroNorth line of Manhattan, well, I thought it was in Manhattan. However, a few months into my job in a small office, I started receiving SOHO Magazine, or something like that, and became accustomed to the term as defined in the small office world. The answer is...probably the SOHO community will recognize it, everyone else - or new entrepeneurs into the SOHO world - may not. It's risky.

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It was a good place in London

by SkipperUSN In reply to Quiz: How many know what ...

It was a fun place to visit in London - A little red light district for the Sailors... Aye Matie..

Never heard the Small Office/Home Office... Of course they would make home or office calls from Soho London..

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I'm with you on this one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It was a good place in Lo ...

SOHO was a great place to visit in London when I was last there and I for one have never quite figured out exactly what a "Small Office Home Office" actually is.

But I do tend to think that it shows a lack of professionalism in applying it as at the very best it shows that you are very small and should be working from Home rather than being a reputable business that I would want to deal with. I personally deal with many "Home Business" happily but I've never seen one call itself a SOHO ever!


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